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March 2005
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Picture This: DBA Happenings

Awards Abound!
Here’s what some of your DBA Colleagues are doing ...
(or receiving ... )

Will Carpenter accepts the CBA Award of Merit from CBA President-elect Roger Clark.

Timothy Macdonald accepts the Davis Award from DBA President Mary Jo Gross.

Michael Henry receives the 2004 James Grafton Rogers Award from City Club President Matt Hogan.

(L to R): Former Mayor Wellington Web, Michael Henry, Councilpersons Peggy Lehmann and Jeanne Robb, and Mayor John Hickenlooper

Past Davis Award recipients: (back row) Chris Little (DBA President-elect), Dave Powell, Allan Hale, Todd Fredrickson, (front row) Paul Chan, Natalie Hanlon-Leh, Celeste C de Baca, Tim Macdonald, Richard Gabriel


Winter Festival
Jan. 22, 2005


The DBA’s Young Lawyers hosted "Winter Festival" for more than 200 Denver-area foster children on Saturday, Jan. 22. These children, from infants to age 12, received free toys, books, and pizza. Celebrities included former NBA star Michael Ray Richardson, SpongeBob SquarePants, and a magician who provided entertainment for the children and their foster parents.

The young lawyer volunteers turned space donated by the Denver Department of Human Services into a festive holiday toy and clothing store, where the children "bought" items with coupons provided by the volunteers. Special thanks to Doug Stevens, who chaired the event.

Thanks to the Winter Festival Donors:

Arby’s (The Bailey Company LLP), Safeway (Jeffrey Stroh, Public Affairs Director), Girl Scout Troop 485, Grund & Nelson, Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley, Senter Goldfarb & Rice, 303 E. 17th Ave. Tenants, Colorado Rockies, Kroenke Sports, Hammond’s Candies, Enstrom Candies, Four Aces Game & Hobby, Vaughan & DeMuro, Kennedy Christopher Childs & Fogg, Schaefer Athletic, Sportsfan, Timbuk Toys, Blue Groove, Icenogle, Norton, Smith & Bleiszner, Walgreens, The Wizard’s Chest, Tattered Cover Book Store, Playnix Toys, Western Athletic Conference, King Soopers, Jaudon & Avery, Holme Roberts & Owen, Baker & Hostetler, McKenna Long & Aldridge, Hobby Lobby, Starrs Mihm & Caschette, Montgomery Little & McGrew, Nicholls Nicholls Biles Popp & Bower, The Beatty Law Firm, Treece Alrey Musat & Bosworth, and King & Greisen.


YLD thanks all who volunteered:

Mark Baker, Dave Ball, Shelley Becker, Shannon Bell, Kelley Bergelt, Megan Brynhildsen, Eve Burton, Alison Butler-Daniels, Kristin Caruso, Jason Cobb, Zeke Creech, Greg Daniels, Mary Dilworth, Amanda Donnelly, Nancy Garcia, Leanne Gardner, Kendal Gelner, Holli Hartman, Chris Jenkins, Stan Jezierski, Ree Kellerstrass, Jim Kellerstrass, Diane King, Shirley Koger, Dianne Kueck, Gregg Laes, Greg LePage, Corinne Magid, Kristin Marburg, Brent Martin, Lisa Mathews-Bingham, Yolanda McAllister, Chris Miller, Carolyn Mitchell, Melissa Nicoletti, Margaret O’Neill, Elizabeth Peros, Linda Pierce, Brian S. Popp, Jason Prussman, Deborah Read, Seth Rider, Gretchen Russo, Caryl Septon, Kay Song, Carolyn Steffl, Lana Steven, Kelli Stevens, Doug Stevens, Susan Surrena, Griffin Wesley, and Danielle Wiletsky

*Apologies to anyone not on this list who helped to make the event a success.

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