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December 2004
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Our Gift to You . . . Websites!

by Reba Nance

Editor’s Note: Reba Nance, CBA’s director of Law Practice Management and Technology, has compiled some of her favorite websites to help your practice.

• Phone Slips—

Says their website: "PHONEslips is an easy-to-use messaging and office information management system for professional offices. It handles phone messages, memos,
e-mails, contact database, schedules and to-do lists for everyone in the office."


Lightening fast searches for Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora e-mail. This is one of my favorite pieces of software.

Google ToolBar—

Allows you to access the Goggle search engine directly from your browser. No need to leave what you’re doing to go to In addition, they throw in a pop up blocker that really works!!—

Listen to live, commercial-free Internet radio stations while you work. You can choose by genre, as well as radio stations from around the world, including one at the North Pole! My personal favorite is It displays the name of the artist and the title of the track as it plays. You can even click on a link and purchase the CD.

Slipstick Systems: Outlook and Exchange Solutions—

Check out the area specifically for Outlook users at You can find answers to questions you have about Outlook, including error messages, and find out the latest on security updates and security patches, etc.

U.S. Postal Service—

You’re putting a letter in the mail to a client. You have the address, but not the zip code. Go to the USPS website and enter the address. The site will query its database, and return the correct zip code for that address.

Martindale’s Calculators On-Line Center—

This is one of my all-time favorite websites. It is a portal with links to over 18,825 different calculators. The calculators are broken down into categories to make searching easier. Below are a few examples:

• Will You Save By Refinancing Your Mortgage?

• Cost of Employee Turnover

• Equipment Lease v. Purchase Analysis,,,00.html?tool=/calc/LeaseBuy/input.jsp

• File Download Time Calculator (based on size of file and speed of Internet connection)

• NANPA Area Code Maps—

Next time you’re looking for the breakdown of area codes within a state, check out this site. Choose "View the HTML Version" and you’ll see a map of the U.S. Choose your state, and you’ll see a display of the breakdown of area codes. Or, if you have a phone message, but don’t recognize the area code, choose "Tools" and then "Area Code Search." Enter the area code, and you’ll see the country and state, along with other area codes in the same vicinity. Now you can find out what state you’re calling just by knowing the area code!

Happy web surfing from your techie-friends at the DBA!

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