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September 2004
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Denver Bar Association 2003-2004 Annual Report

I had a terrific year as your president. Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement. I think we can all be proud of our Denver Bar Association.

We have over 7,000 members, of which about 2,100 are members of the Young Lawyers Division. The DBA has an annual budget of slightly more than $1 million. In comparison, the CBA has more than 15,000 members and an annual budget of nearly $2.4 million. The DBA has a staff of 20 (including four people who work exclusively for Metro Volunteer Lawyers). Nearly all of these staff members also work for the CBA, and their salaries and expenses are shared by the DBA and CBA.

DBA staff and volunteers have worked hard this year to make improvements in the DBA website, which can be found at Among other changes, there is more information about what our 19 committees are doing, and how to get in touch with the right person concerning the work of a committee.

The committees continue to be where the real work of the association gets done. You really have no idea how many things the bar association does for the community and for lawyers until you become president. Space does not allow a description of all the projects completed and ongoing (for that, please go to the website, and see below). Just to highlight a few of the newer projects, DBA committees are working to improve the experience of jurors at the City and County Building, including improving the phone-in system and
providing additional amenities in the jury waiting room;
conducting free clinics for pro se litigants in areas such as divorce and bankruptcy; preparing or revising educational materials for distribution as brochures and for publication on the website; providing free or nearly free (depending on the amount in controversy) mediation services at the county court; raising money and in-kind contributions for Kids in Need of Dentistry, Food Bank of the Rockies, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Denver Warm Welcome Court Child Care Center, Work Options for Women, and others; and proposing an amendment to CLE rules to allow CLE credit for pro bono work.

In addition to helping with these projects, your DBA
leadership commented on proposed changes to the rules of the State Commission on Judicial Evaluation, successfully opposed a Better Business Bureau advertisement that
denigrated lawyers, and worked to protect the independence of the judiciary. In an effort to increase participation in the bar association by government attorneys, the DBA decided to offer a dues discount to government counsel for a two-year trial period.

And these are just the new projects and initiatives. Other fine programs we have come to expect, like the annual bench-bar retreat, Tuesdays at the Bar lunches, the Barristers Benefit Ball, and countless other events and projects continue. It has been my honor to represent you this past year, and I wish your new president, Mary Jo Gross, all the best for the coming year.

—Joe Dischinger
DBA President

2003-2004 DBA President Joe Dischinger passed the giant gavel to incoming DBA President Mary Jo Gross during the DBA Annual Party in June. The 2004 DBA Award Winners were (from left): Megan Brynhildsen, Young Lawyer of the Year; Herb Galchinsky, Judicial Excellence; Stacy Carpenter, Volunteer Lawyer of the Year; and Brooke Wunnicke, Award of Merit.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee continues to run the Court Annexed Mediation Project (CAMP), which provides mediation services to litigants and their attorneys in Denver’s County and Small Claims Civil Courts. The ADR Committee, along with the Ethics Committee, is also developing ethical guidelines for mediators. The ADR Committee hosts quarterly CLE programs for its members. Other projects include working with the CBA Health Law Committee and revising the ADR Employment Manual.

Awards Committee

With chair and former president Dave Furgason in charge, the Awards Committee selected a stellar group to celebrate: Brooke Wunnicke, Award of Merit; Megan Bryhildsen, Young Lawyer of the Year; Judge Herb Galchinsky, Judicial Excellence; and Stacy Carpenter, Volunteer Lawyer of the Year. Awards were presented at the Annual Party, Denver Art Museum, on June 9. The party was combined with a Colorado attorney/author sale and signing to raise money for Legal Aid.

(From left) Jan Dunn, Steve Long, Michelle Albertus, Gregg Anderson and John Wahl at the 2004 Barristers Benefit Ball. Peter Merlin is congratulated by DBA Executive Director, Chuck Turner, at the Seniors Spring Banquet in May.

Barristers Benefit Ball

The 16th annual Barristers Benefit Ball was held May 1, with more than 830 people paying a "Tribute to Broadway." The committee, co-chaired by Jessica Lee and Mary Jo Gross, worked feverishly to plan the event, which raised over $105,000 for Metro Volunteer Lawyers. This year, four attorneys and one law firm were honored for their extraordinary efforts and dedication to MVL and pro bono legal services. This year’s honorees were Mark Bove, Dee Keller, Jason Cuerdon, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro, and The Harris Law Firm. Thanks to everyone who helped make this great event a reality, especially LexisNexis™, which was the benefactor of the 2004 Ball.

Bench Bar Committee

The Bench Bar Committee has been very busy this past year under the leadership of Judge Jay Breese and Howard Rosenberg. This committee has several subcommittees developing a number of informative brochures about the courts, including information on appealing a case, rights and procedures in traffic court and within the state and municipal Denver County Courts. The Committee has also been actively working with the Denver Jury Commissioner’s office to improve summoned jurors’ experiences. A phone tree of information has been developed, there has been much more information added to the juror web site, and the site is now referenced in the summons. Reduced parking fees for jurors have been arranged, disabled juror parking has been made more satisfactory, a separate building entrance has been authorized for selected jurors, etc. Other ideas are also being pursued.

The 2003 Bench-Bar Retreat was November 1, with 94 judges and attorneys in attendance. The program, titled "Liberty and Justice for All?" focused on assaults on civil rights, the treatment of minorities, national security and rights of the accused. As always, the program provided an opportunity for members of the bench and bar to meet in an informal setting to discuss issues of mutual concern. Plans are underway for the next retreat, to be held April 2, 2005.


DBA-CLE is the non-profit educational arm of the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations. Designed to meet the needs of Colorado lawyers, DBA-CLE presented approximately 90 live programs this year on a wide variety of topic areas, in various locations throughout Colorado. Many of the programs are co-sponsored by the standing committees of the DBA. Programs vary in length from half-day seminars to popular multi-day annual seminars.

CLE also publishes more than 35 handbooks and practice manuals in various law practice specialties. These publications are authoritative because they are written by practicing attorneys and sitting judges, and they are edited and cite-checked by experienced legal editors. Our books are practitioner-oriented as well, and include essential forms, helpful checklists, organizational tabs, a subject index, tables of authorities, practice tips and sample language to save you time and make your services more economical.

DBA-CLE has developed an enhanced electronic and Web presence, and is developing plans for an online distance education and searchable CLE information database. Please visit for more information.

Sherin Sakr and Nancy Orcutt show off their award at the second annual “Desserts & Delights Auction” in November. Honoree Garth Grissom (bottom center) and his family celebrated at the Seniors Roast in October.

DBA Communications

We continue to offer "Working with the Media" workshops regularly, and specifically, anytime someone thinks it’s needed. We offer "personal brainstorming" when someone has a public relations problem—we don’t have all the answers, but based on experience, can give you some options. We keep in touch with reporters and editors in Denver, trying to educate in areas that are complex. For instance, several years ago, we took four water lawyers to The Post and had a two-hour session with a roomful of interested reporters and editors. This year, as part of a state-wide effort, we’ll hold another seminar on water at the Denver Press Club. Also, we have joined with the Colorado Press Association and the State Court Administrator’s Office in offering "conversations" between judges, reporters, lawyers and public officials. The one in Denver was Aug. 13. We try to call and e-mail reporters all the time—offering praise for a good job, or suggesting stories, sometimes criticism. Mostly, we want everyone to know we’re reading about the issues. The department tries to respond to what’s going on in the legal community—producing papers on why term limits (or impeachment for rulings) is a bad idea. If there’s something in the media that concerns you, call us in case we haven’t seen it. We also encourage members to write letters to the editor or call reporters directly.

Community Action Network

In fiscal year 2003, the Community Action Network (CAN) organized many community service activities, collecting more than $15,000, which benefited dozens of individuals and non-profit organizations throughout the Denver-metro area. CAN was responsible for the following events:

• Back to School Supply Drive to benefit homeless students in the Denver Public School System. Participants contributed more than 100 large boxes of school supplies and raised over $2000.

• 2nd Annual Desserts and Delights auction to benefit Work Options for Women (WOW). More than 200 people attended and CAN raised more than $7,100 (up from $2,000 last year)!

• Teaming with Kids in Need of Dentistry (KIND), CAN collected toothbrushes and other dental supplies for underprivileged and uninsured children in the Denver metro area. More than 4,000 toothbrushes were collected.

• Roll Out The Barrels Food Drive. DBA members responded to the call and CAN needed more barrels for the food drive than the Food Bank could provide. Luckily, Lowes and Rubbermaid donated 40 barrels for CAN to use. The May drive resulted in $4,200 cash donations and enough food for 6,000 meals.

• CAN supports the Denver Warm Welcome Court Child Care Center by collecting donations of bears and books at Tuesday’s at The Bar CLE Programs. CAN has donated over 100 bears and 200 books!

A new feature this year was the CAN Community Service Awards, awarded to firms, in various size categories, to recognize the achievements of those firms who excelled in their commitment to community service.

Democracy Education Committee

The Democracy Education Committee has been busy this past year under the leadership of co-chairs Jim Carr and Wesley B. Howard. For the first time in a number of years, the DBA and the committee hosted its own Denver regional mock trial tournament in February 2004. Five schools participated in the regional tournament, hosted at the Arapahoe County Justice Center. Kennedy, Career Education Center, Manual’s Arts & Cultural Studies program and The Denver Academy, all located in Denver, participated, as well as one team from the Weld/Larimer region, Fort Collins High School. Kennedy High School and Fort Collins High School advanced to the State Tournament. Many Denver attorneys volunteered to assist with the regional tournament as well as the State Tournament, held in Jefferson County. The Committee is working with the regional coordinator, as well as DBA members to continue the increase of interest in the Denver Mock Trial program.

The Democracy Education Committee is also revitalizing several law-related educational programs that have not been actively promoted in years past. Three subcommittees were formed to reevaluate and reorganize the Court Tour, Speakers’ Bureau and In-Class Mock Trial programs. The Court Tour subcommittee involves a number of court administrators from the Sheriff’s Department, the Mayor’s office, the City Council’s office, the Jury Commissioners’ office, and both court administrators. The Speakers’ Bureau will revive a program in which attorneys can volunteer to speak to classrooms on their topic of specialty. Finally, the In-Class Mock Trial subcommittee is developing a mock trial teaching unit that elementary teachers may use in their classrooms, with the assistance of an attorney as needed. Denver elementary school teachers are working with the attorney members to develop materials for implementation.

The Committee also continues to work with the CBA Public Legal Education Committee (formerly known as the Law Education Committee) to update publications, such as "The Law in Colorado," "So You’re Eighteen Now—A Survivor’s Guide for Young Adults," and an informational brochure on "Becoming a Lawyer."

Barristers Benefit Ball co-chairs Jessica Lee and Mary Jo Gross with DBA President, Joe Dischinger (center). The November issue of The Docket featured brothers Craig and Cliff Eley “Singing the Blues.”

The Docket

Exhausted from celebrating its 25th anniversary, The Docket Committee rested comfortably on some laurels. Still, to the credit of chair Marshall Snider, eleven issues were created (some from whole cloth), edited and published. The meeting minutes couldn’t be published in a family newsletter (well, okay, nobody takes minutes), the food was excellent and the talk raucous. We invite all members to participate—in the writing, the suggesting of topics, the taking of pictures, in the bar reviews and even in the meetings.

Educational Lunch Coordinating Committee

The Educational Lunch Coordinating Committee, chaired by Craig Eley, had another successful year with its "Tuesdays at the Bar" programs. These weekly workshops are designed for members, and cover hot legal topics. The noon workshops are a great way to get CLE credits, lunch and an informative program. In addition they allow members to see the Bar Association as a place to network and learn. This year the TAB programs saw over 500 members.

Members of the Community Action Network collected school supplies for over 800 homeless children during their August school supply drive. Michael Canges and Jerre Dixon talked to a big crowd about legal fee agreements at “Tuesdays at the Bar” in September.

Legal Fee Arbitration

The DBA Legal Fee Arbitration Committee has continued to mediate and arbitrate fee disputes between clients and their attorneys. The committee received hundreds of inquiries on legal fee arbitration, most of which were resolved prior to an arbitration hearing. The committee remains one of the most active of all bar committees with daily stacks of mail and on-going phone calls from both the public and attorneys. The free service allows attorneys to resolve fee disputes while maintaining respect for the fiduciary duty owed to the client.

In using LFA, each party must first agree to arbitration to start the expedited process. The committee then assigns each side an experienced mediators and an arbitration panel. Either party can decline the mediation step—though both sides often want to work toward resolution and agreed closure. Most cases are settled through a session with the mediators. If the case cannot be settled, the panel, with committee review, will resolve the dispute with a quick and informal hearing.

The committee is comprised of both attorneys and lay members, with a mix of long-term and new members. The process is considered a gentle, flexible, quick, informal and effective vehicle for the resolution of disputes between two people who have been in a trusting lawyer and client relationship. LFA provides resolution of disputes without liigation.

The committee thanks dedicated member Don Alperstein for his service above and beyond in defending our process during litigation, which is now on appeal. Thank you, Don, for your continued hard work and affirmation of the important process of arbitration.

For more information or to join the committee contact staff liaison, Kari Brandt, at (303) 824-5340 or; or contact the chair, Charles Welton, at (303) 333-8447 or

Legal Services Committee

This committee, co-chaired by Marte Timmers and Ilene Bloom, has enjoyed significant success with its pro se clinic programs, in partnership with the numerous courts where they are held each month. Over 862 people were served in 2003-2004. The breakdown of clinic attendance is as follows: Doing Your Own Divorce–261; Bankruptcy–193; Small Claims–256, and Collections–152. The committee decided to offer the Collections clinic, previously offered every other month, on a monthly basis. The committee lends volunteer support to a family law clinic offered by the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development by recruiting instructors for this monthly clinic, which was attended by 242 people. This year, the committee implemented an evaluation procedure where clinic attendees complete evaluation forms, and volunteer to participate in a follow up evaluation procedure six months later.

The Spanish-speaking divorce clinic offered at El Centro Bienestar did not have a high level of attendance, so it was relocated to the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, where it is marketed among 31 different social services organizations. The committee will monitor the attendance at this clinic to measure the need and interest from the Hispanic community.

Lawline 9, at KUSA-TV Channel 9, continues to be a popular community program with over 7,000 calls taken in the last year. Over 100 attorneys volunteer to staff this event every Wednesday evening. The committee once again organized Law on the Mall this year. The DBA Board of Trustees, the Colorado Hispanic Bar Association, the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, the Community Action Network and the DBA Young Lawyers Division all staffed a day to provide legal information and resources to the public. Thirty attorneys volunteered to staff the 2004 CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair. Finally, over 20 attorneys staffed the 2003 Veteran’s Stand Down event held at the National Guard Amory at 52nd and Franklin.

The committee is busy developing new programs including the provision of pro bono training for young attorneys, legal education programming for immigration issues and the development of an estate planning and/or probate clinic.

Membership and Marketing

Membership in the Denver Bar Association continues to increase and we’re up to almost 7,500 DBA members! The DBA membership department provides opportunities for members to network (social and business) and other membership benefits.

Membership Events

The DBA held two member "Night at the Movies," featuring screenings of the legal-themed movie, "The Laws of Attraction," and the romantic movie, "The Notebook." Each had great turnout, with many DBA members and guests attending. The movies were seen at the Denver Pavilions Theater. In the fall, the DBA Membership Department supported the LAF Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction by promoting the event and providing door prizes. The event raised money for the Legal Aid Foundation. The 2004 Annual Henry Hall Memorial Golf Tournament was a great success and the weather even cooperated this year. DBA members played at the beautiful Inverness Golf Club and received lots of goodies and prizes, in addition to a great day of golf. Membership works with the DBA Golf Committee to raise money through sponsorships to make the event affordable.

CLE Program

The DBA YLD Professional Development Committee (better known as, "Coffee Talk") continues its success in the third year. The monthly program focuses on topics of particular interest to new attorneys. Topics this year included: Managing all that Debt, Rainmaking, Jury Instructions, and Voir Dire.

Colorado Legal Directory

Every member of the Denver Bar Association receives a free Colorado Legal Directory as part of his or her membership dues. (The only local bar association that provides this!) The DBA works with the publisher, McGraw Hill, to produce the directory. The publication is a valuable source of revenue for the DBA, and the Membership Services Committee welcomes any comments or suggestions for the directory.

Admissions Ceremonies

DBA Membership Services helps organize the spring and fall Admissions Ceremonies for new attorneys, in conjunction with the Colorado Bar Association. New attorneys are welcomed at the ceremonies by leaders in the legal community and are sworn-in by Chief Justice Mullarkey of the Colorado Supreme Court. In the fall of 2003, 534 attorneys passed the Colorado State Bar Exam and in spring of 2004, 241 were admitted to practice in the state of Colorado. One of the goals of the Membership Department is to partner with law schools and students, providing mentoring and networking opportunities.

DU Orientation

The DBA co-sponsored the University of Denver "Fall New Student Orientation." DBA staff had a chance to meet with new students, answer questions and provide direction.

The DBA Membership Department offers discounts for our members on everything from office supplies to business attire. Through your membership in the DBA, you can also receive discounts to several Denver-area health clubs, promoting wellness among our members!


The DBA Marketing Department is also responsible for selling the advertising in the Docket and advertising revenue remained steady this year.

Chris Little, Dave Little and Joel Mayo at the Henry Hall Memorial Golf Tournament. Metro Volunteer Lawyers staff takes a break (Left to Right): Patricia Trujillo, Sally Maresh and Pamela Faris.

Metropolitan Conciliation Panel

In late 1995, the Denver Bar Association Conciliation Panel was created in an effort to facilitate complaints about professionalism disputes between lawyers.

In December 2002, the Bar Associations of Adams County, Broomfield County, and the 1st Judicial District (Jefferson and Gilpin Counties) joined with the Denver Bar Association and established the Metropolitan Conciliation Panel (MCP). The MCP now consists of a diverse group of 25 well-respected lawyers from all of the local bar associations and is administered by a five-member coordinating council. The MCP intervenes in conflicts between attorneys over issues of professionalism and civility, as defined in the "Denver Bar Association Principles of Professionalism" and the "Colorado Bar Association Standards of Professionalism."

All work of the MCP is confidential and voluntary. "Interventions" often consist of a panel member simply acting as a sounding board for an attorney involved in a professionalism dispute with another attorney. An intervention can also involve the providing of conciliation services between the disputing attorneys. All matters where the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct apply or control and all requests for intervention by consumers are excluded from the jurisdiction of the MCP. Requests for intervention and referrals are accepted from attorneys, judges, magistrates and the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Regulation Counsel. For more information, contact MCP Co-Chairs John Baker at (303) 329-3855 or David Furgason at (303)861-8013.

Metro Volunteer Lawyers

Metro Volunteer Lawyers (MVL) has provided pro bono legal services to residents of the Denver area for almost 40 years. MVL’s staff includes Sally Maresh, Executive Director/Attorney; Patricia Trujillo, Legal Services Coordinator; Pamela Farris, Family Law Coordinator; and Codi Raymond, Program Assistant. This year, over 1,500 clients were provided advice or brief service, and attorneys represented 1,204 indigent clients. Approximately $4,816,000 worth of services were provided on a pro bono basis.

MVL provides civil legal assistance to clients throughout the Denver-metro area. Almost half of its funding comes from the DBA-sponsored Barristers Benefit Ball, with the remainder coming from COLTAF, individual contributions, and per capita contributions from its sponsoring bar associations: Adams, Arapahoe, Denver and Douglas/Elbert Counties, and First J. D.


This group of attorneys "privileged to be 65 or over," have four big events. There’s a Christmas meal at the bar office which is just for schmoozing and camaraderie, a golf tournament in mid-summer, for essentially the same reasons. The fall roast this past year honored past DBA President Garth Grissom—his whole family and lots of friends turned out for the event at the DAC. Before he was honored, we all sang happy birthday to Winston Howard on the occasion of his 95th. Then there’s the Seniors Spring Banquet—what most call the best party of the year. This past May, the committee honored 29 attorneys who had been attorneys for 50 years. You could hear echoes of "I haven’t seen you in . . ." They filled a room at the DAC and made some more memories.

Holli Hartman and David Woodruff collected donations at the Capitol on Law Suit Day. Volunteers at the YLD Winter Festival, which provided foster kids with a party, toys, pizza and a visit from the Cat in the Hat.

Summer Intern Committee

The Summer Intern Committee again supported the Goodwill Industries of Denver, which took over the program in 2003 from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. The committee has assisted with the recruitment of law firms to participate in Goodwill’s Earn ‘n Learn summer employment program (formerly called Youth at Work) that is offered each summer to Denver at-risk youth. This year, five law firms offered youth summer jobs in their offices, simultaneously teaching the students about the legal industry and career opportunities available to them. The Denver Bar Association has been affiliated with this program since its inception; the Denver Board of Trustees recently voted to sunset this committee since the Bar’s involvement has been minimal in the last few years. The DBA will continue to support Goodwill Industries’ Earn ‘n Learn program by making available meeting rooms and promotional support through The Docket and the DBA Listserv.

Not only does the DBA’s website have a snazzy new look but underneath that pretty face is a new dynamic, database-driven website. The dynamic site will help keep content fresh and up-to-date. It will also allow members with the appropriate security rights to modify, add, and even delete web content. The Legal Resource Directory has been updated and new issues of The Docket are added to the site before they arrive in your mailboxes. It’s easy to keep your bar-related events straight with the joint CBA/DBA online calendar. The "Public Interest" section offers educational materials such as brochures and handbooks. Also on the site are the DBA governance and expanded committee information.

Young Lawyers Division

The year started off when DBA YLD sponsored the fourth annual Law Suits Day. Lawyers contributed gently used professional clothing, which was donated to charities that provide clothing for job interviews.

In November, a formal "Court Orientation" provided new members with information on the ins and outs of the Denver courts. Presentations were made by many local judges.

YLD continued its commitment to the community with their annual "Winter Festival," formerly known as "Christmas in January." This party, for foster children ages 12 and under, includes presents, pizza, candy, and a chance to have their picture taken with the Cat in the Hat. The children received presents, donated by the community, and each included at least one book, one sports item and clothing. The event was again a huge success and served over 300 children.

YLD also provided the public with access to legal resources and information during Law on the Mall, an annual event on the 16th Street mall during Law Day/Week.

YLD also continues its legal services push by working with Centro Bienestar San José to provide legal resources once a month at Legal Night. This program helps people in West Denver gain access to legal information. The program is always looking for help with this service, especially from Spanish-speaking attorneys. Look in The Docket for information on how to volunteer.

YLD continued its monthly networking and member outreach happy hour. "Barristers After Hours" has been successful in bringing together young lawyers and also served as a way to bring in volunteers.


The Denver Bar Association finished the 2003-2004 fiscal year with income exceeding expenses. The staff needs to be commended for keeping expenses down, while expanding programs and services.

The DBA is still in an excellent financial position, with adequate reserves to allow it to plan for future member needs. The Budget and Planning Committee will continue to work with the Board of Trustees to plan and budget for the future. A complete audit will be available at the bar offices after October 1. The following charts outline the financial figures in greater detail.





Assets *2004 2003
Cash and cash equivalents 878,489 803,527
Certificates of Deposit 53,000 53,000
Due from Colorado Bar Assoc 297,616 164,854
Accounts Receivable

Denver Bar Foundation

0 0
Accounts Receivable (other) 96,013 21,565
Prepaid expenses 29,831 49,960
Property net of Depreciation 16,809 38,704
Funds held (retirement benefits) 21,194 25,559
Deposits 4,544 4,544
Total Assets 1,397,495 1,161,713
Liabilities and Membership Equity
Accounts payable other 0 0
Due to Colorado Bar Association 0 0
Due to Denver Bar Foundation 0 0
Accrued Compensation 33,004 33,004
Accrued retirement benefits 35,563 23,045
Deferred Revenue (dues and other) 383,055 277,567
Accrued sales taxes and property taxes 0 0
Accrued income taxes 0 2,707
Total Liabilities 451,622 336,323
Membership Equity



Unrestricted 945,873 825,390
Restricted for special projects 0 0
Total Equity 945,873 825,390
Total liabilities and membership equity



Dues 750,096 731,625
Member Programs 37,220 27,982
Metro Volunteer Lawyers 166,443 171,085
Misc. Income 101,317 124,921
Total 1,055,076 1,055,613
Programs, committees & departments 301,596 306,054
Metro Volunteer Lawyers 219,106 217,297
G&A Human Resources 206,193 241,372
Building, Equipment & Operations 194,764 201,802
Governance and meetings 12,938 28,654
Total 934,596 995,179
Surplus (deficit) 120,480


*2004 figures are unaudited

2004 Revenues

2004 Expenses


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chair, Patrick F. Kenney
Staff Liaison, Amy Sreenen

Hartley D. Alley
Emily E. Anderson
David M. Arnolds
Erich L. Bethke
Carrie L. Ciliberto
Stephen E. Flechner
Gregory A. Hall
David R. Hansen
James L. Harrison
Otto K. Hilbert
Daniel C. Himelspach
Don D. Jacobson
Kent J. Levine
Donald P. MacDonald
Charles M. Masner
Brian D. Meegan
Mark P. Miller
Sally K. Ortner
Eugene M. Osman
Alan W. Peryam
Irwin A. Pierce
Steven C. Posner
Arlan I. Preblud
Mary E. Ricketson
Gilbert M. Roman
L. W. F. Sharrow
J. Mark Smith
Robert M. Smith
Stanley L. Spangler
Constance C. Talmage
Camille A. Torres
Robert M. Vinton
Patricia B. Walker
Gary A. Zeidner

Alternative Work Schedules

Chair, Vacant
Staff Liaison, Melissa McClerkin

Darla Benford
Kelly R. Berg
Carrie L. Ciliberto
Lynn A. Cleveland
Rebecca Dieter
Claudia B. Goldin
Christine A. McBride
Marc P. Mishkin
Patricia Peppard
Holly E. Propst


Chair, Hubert Farbes
Staff Liaison, Diane Hartman

Marian L. Carlson
John S. Castellano
Craig C. Eley
Arthur M. Frazin
Loren R. Ginsburg
Daniel C. Himelspach
David J. Katalinas
Mary J. Kelly
Richard G. McManus, Jr.
Douglas I. McQuiston
Charles P. Northrop
Susan E. Sanders
William E. Walters

Barristers Benefit Ball

Co-Chairs, Marte Timmers, Chris Little
Staff Liaison, Dana Collier Smith

Rebecca Alexander
Ilene Bloom
Paige J. Brook
Stacy A. Carpenter
Tamara A. Hoffbuhr
Marc J. Kaplan
Julie Kronenberger
Sarah "Sally" J. Maresh
Rhonda Rhodes
Jeffrey Timmers

Bench Bar Committee

Co-Chairs, James Breese, Charlie Garcia
Staff Liaison, Carolyn Ferber

Julie E. Anderson
Marian L. Carlson
Jeffrey A. Esses
Selvoy Fillerup
Herbert H. Galchinsky
Anne W. Gill
Loren R. Ginsburg
Randall M. Livingston
Bruce A. Logan
Richard L. Ott, Jr.
Howard I. Rosenberg
Michael Seth
Mary Beth Sobel
Andrew M. Toft
Donald Wasko

Bench Bar Retreat

Chair, Marian Carlson
Staff Liaison, Dana Collier SmithBudget

Chair, Marian Carlson
Staff Liaison, Greg Martin

Jeffrey Esses
Mary Jo Gross
Christopher B. Little
Gilbert Roman
Gregory J. Smith
Marshall Snider
Elsa Martinez Tenreiro

 Community Action Network
Co-Chairs, Michelle Furgason,

Norman Beecher
Staff Liaison, Kari Brandt

Molly A. Allen
Julie E. Anderson
David M. Arnolds
Todd A. Bower
Aaron P. Bradford
Megan F. Brynhildsen
Bart B. Burnett
James E. Bye
L. Kathleen Chaney
Carrie L. Ciliberto
Britt M. Cobb
Mary J. Dougherty
Laura B. Embleton
Rebecca Franciscus
C. Ben Huber
John P. Joyce
Peggy E. Kozal
George D. Kreye
Richard W. Leslie
Christopher B. Little
Kristi J. Livedalen
Catherine E. McDaugale
Brian D. Meegan
Heather A. Purcell
Karen L. Spaulding
Marte B. Timmers
Anthony J. Viorst
Sue E. Weiske
Sheryl Whipple
Lisa Williams

CBA/DBA Diversity in the Legal Profession

Chair, Andrea Wang
Staff Liaison, Kari Brandt

Louise Aron
Darla Benford
Renee A. Casanova Lewis
S. Kato Crews
Yolanda M. Fennick
Elizabeth C. Giordano
G. Skip Gray III
Charles P. Henderson
Tim Henderson
Andrea L. Hill
Cynthia J. Hyman
Norma May Isakow
David R. Juarez
Kenzo S. Kawanabe
Eileen M. Kiernan-Johnson
Linda S. Kreusel
Victoria E. Lovato
Elsa T. Martinez Tenreiro
Christine C. Mastin
Daniel H. May
Neeti Pawar
Mary E. Ricketson
Bill Salvatore
Timothy P. Schimberg
F. Stanley Sena
Michael A. Shea
Cynthia R. Shearon
Guadalupe J. Sisneros
Constance C. Talmage
Jonathan M. Ward
Connie A. Zubler

Joint Management

Chair, Richard S. Gast
Staff Liaison, Greg Martin

Steve C. Briggs
Marian L. Carlson
Roger E. Clark
Joseph B. Dischinger
Mary Jo Gross
John S. Holt
Christopher B. Little
Elsa T. Martinez Tenreiro
Lynne M. Sholler
Gregory J. Smith
Robert J. Truhlar
Charles C. Turner
William E. Walters


CBA/DBA Law Practice

Management & Technology

Chair, Sue Borgos
Staff Liaison, Reba Nance

Frederick G. Aldrich
Susan L. Aldridge
Gregg Anderson
Garry R. Appel
Frank V. Ariano
Louise Aron
Robert A. Ausenhus
John W. Barnett
Stuart N. Bennett
Bruce C. Bernstein
Mark S. Berry
Donald A. Bertram
Andrea D. Bishop Dalton
Richard L. Bland
Peter B. Bogardus
Larry L. Bohning
Baird B. Brown
Michael D. Brown
Christopher Bryan
Thomas J. Burns
Ed R. Byrne
Eric Carlson
Thomas J. T. Carney
James R. Christoph
Carrie L. Ciliberto
Karen J. Cody-Hopkins
Emily J. Curray
Camilla L. Dellinger
Elizabeth J. Dietrich
Philip L. Dubois
Jeffrey R. Edelman
James C. Ellenberger
David L. Erickson
James D. Evans
Mechelle Y. Faulk
Daniel S. Foster
Sheldon E. Friedman
Larry R. Gaddis
Debra L. Geibig
David J. Graf
Gina B. Hardin
Alfred C. Harrell, Jr.
Gail C. Harriss
Lawrence P. Hartlaub, Jr.
Thomas J. Hindman
Joseph G. Hodges, Jr.
Debra Hodgson
Robert B. Holt
James M. Hult
Nina A. Iwashko
Peter F. Jones
Joel S. Judd
Sheryl Kamicar
Eileen K. Kelly-Sharpe
Phillip A. Kendall
John (Jack) A. Kintzele
James Ryan Kirchoff
Mark J. Kolber
Linda S. Kreusel
Kenneth M. Laff
Lynn I. Landis-Brown
Christine J. Law
Jane M. Lawlis
Kent J. Levine
Arthur Lindquist-Kleisser,
Lino S. Lipinsky
Barbara H. Lutes
William D. Lytle
David L. Masters
Kristine A. Mattione
Steven W. McDonald
Anthony K. McEahern
Carolyn L. McIntosh
Thomas C. McKee
Michael A. McManus
George Meziere
Mark P. Miller
Michael W. Millington
Richard E. Mishkin
Nicholas G. Muller
Jonathan B. Musser
Eric Nunemaker
Marcia G. O’Brien
William H. O’Rourke
Richard L. Ott, Jr.
Elizabeth J. Paul
Jennifer L. Peters
Steven C. Posner
Janet M. Price
Michael W. Reagor
Thomas R. Ripp
Kristi A. River
Judith K. Rosenblum
Barbara K. Ruh
Denise L. Saathoff
Dominick M. Saia
Bill Salvatore
Walter H. Sargent II
John W. Savage, Jr.
Bruce A. Schilken
G. Michael Schuyler
Jeffrey J. Scott
Ronald L. Seigneur
Jeffrey C. Shaw
Jack D. Shoffnern
Gwendolyn J. Shotwell
Bennett M. Sigmond
David A. Simmental
Daniel B. Slater
Carla W. Sledge
J. Mark Smith
Larry C. Smith
R. Dean Speirs
Scott W. Stauffer
H. Michael Steinberg
Jennifer N. Story
James R. TenBrook
C. Gregory Tiemeier
Andrew M. Toft
E. Richard Toray
Cynthia Treadwell-Miller
Chad A. Trulli
Gary C. Tucker
Adrian Villasenor
Anthony J. Viorst
Anne M. Vitek
Brian D. Wallace
Steven R. Warden
Matthew J. Werner
Debra K. Wilcox
Elisa L. Willard
Richard C. Willson, Jr.
Alfred J. Wittmann
Anthony N. Woloch

Legal Fee Arbitration

Chair, Charles Welton

Staff Liaison, Kari Brandt

James L. Aab
Peter J. Adolph
Donald W. Alperstein
Bruce C. Anderson
Douglass B. Auer
Gretchen L. Aultman
Sonja A. Becker
Martin M. Berliner
Peter R. Bornstein
Joseph J. Bronesky
Alan H. Bucholtz
Carrie L. Ciliberto
Janice H. Clark
Carrie H. Clein
Steven Clymer
Joseph A. Davies
Herbert A. Delap
John S. Evangelisti
Andrew J. Felser
David A. Fogel
Richard M. Foster, Jr.
Richard A. Francis
Sheldon E. Friedman
Samuel Gordon
Karen A. Hammer
Melinda M. Harper CPA
Joanne Herlihy
David L. Hiller
James D. Hinga
Gregory W. Johnson
Patrick F. Kenney
Benjamin Klein
Kate E. Knickrehm
Jeffrey A. Knoll
Kristi J. Livedalen
Meghan W. Martinez
Richard G. McManus, Jr.
Lisa A. Meer
Robert S. Meer
Lee A. Mickus
Mark P. Miller
Stuart D. Morse
Charles P. Northrop
David A. Ogilvie
Eugene M. Osman
R. Lee Payne, Jr.
Nancy L. Pearl
Brian S. Popp
Arlan I. Preblud
Joel Rothenberg
Alexander R. Rothrock
Saul R. Sarney
Bonnie M. Schriner
G. Michael Schuyler
Ronald L. Seigneur
Laura E. Shapiro
Diane V. Smith
Elizabeth A. Starrs
David Steefel
James L. Stone
Richard S. Strauss
Lance K. Tanaka
James H. Turner
Paul G. Urtz
Patrick D. Vellone
Lawrence E. Volmert
Mary A. Wollard
Constance B. Wood

Legal Services

Co-Chairs, Ilene Bloom, Kate Kelley
Staff Liaison, Carolyn Ferber

Molly A. Allen
Jonathan D. Asher
Stacy A. Carpenter
Steven C. Choquette
Colleen E. Clark
Rocco A. Dodson
Laura B. Embleton
Nancy A. Graham
Mary Jo Gross
Jordan Hochstadt
John P. Joyce
Jack P. Kaufman
Gregory W. LePage
Carolyn Lievers
Sarah "Sally" J. Maresh
Brent M. Martin
Elsa T. Martinez Tenreiro
Steven M. Masiello
W. Robert Montgomery
Jon Nichols
Howard I. Rosenberg
David N. Simmons
Marte B. Timmers
William E. Walters

Membership Services

Chair, Dawn McKnight
Staff Liaison, Mary Dilworth

Todd A. Bower
Richard B. Caschette
Kenzo S. Kawanabe
Thomas M. Rogers III
Sue E. Weiske



Chair, Bill Walters
Staff Liaison, Dana Collier Smith

James F. Carr
Joseph B. Dischinger
Kenzo S. Kawanabe
Christopher B. Little
A. Lenore Martinez
Elsa Martinez Tenreiro
Aleene Ortiz-White
Brian Popp
Anthony Viorst
Carolynne C. White


Chair, Mark Fogg
Staff Liaison, Greg Martin

Alan W. Anderson
Erin C. Asborno
John T. Baker
James F. Carr
Roger T. Castle
Carrie L. Ciliberto
Harvey W. Curtis
Shelley P. Dodge
Bradley J. Frigon
David W. Furgason
Daniel J. Garfield
Alan M. Grossman
Edward M. Heppenstall
Donald W. Hoagland
Don D. Jacobson
Pamela A. Johnson
Sherri H. Kuhlmann
Larry D. Lee
Cyndi L. Lyden
Mary A. Malatesta
Jose D. Marquez
Alicia J. McCommons
John N. McMullen
Douglas I. McQuiston
Steven A. Michalek
Cecil E. Morris, Jr.
Charles P. Northrop
D. J. Poyfair
Henry R. Reeve
Lori L. Roberts
Joel D. Russman
John E. Scipione
Paul J. Skok
Christina M. Smith
Patrick D. Vellone

Seniors Committee

Chair, Jim Bayer

Staff Liaison, Diane Hartman

The DBA Seniors Committee
consists of DBA members
"privileged to be 65 and older,"
and who enjoy camaraderie
with their fellows. The committee
puts on four or five events
a year. New members welcome.


YLD Executive Council

Chair, Brian Popp
Staff Liaison, Melissa McClerkin

Mark T. Baker
Kelley Bergelt
Megan Brynhildsen
Alison Daniels
Michael Gates
Holli Hartman
Chris Jenkins
Carolyn J. Mitchell
Dipak Patel
Lana Steven
Doug Stevens

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