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December 1999
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When the End is Near

by Aaron M. Stephens


Malpractice or claims of malpractice in your office have far-reaching results. Not only will you be forced to respond to the claim, but the resulting lawsuits and grievances will overshadow much of your thoughts and time (and perhaps funds). With this in mind, it would serve every practitioner well to avoid these claims, baseless or not.

Informing your clients with accurate and precise information is just the beginning in preventing a legal malpractice suit. The public has many views and opinions of attorneys, and the professionalism and ethical demeanor of one attorney or a group of attorneys may taint the public’s opinion. The difficult client is often the hardest the represent, the hardest to terminate and the first to sue you.

In light of this, Continuing Legal Education provides an annual conference on legal malpractice. This year’s annual event sponsored by the Colorado Bar Association CLE, CBA Professional Liability Committee and Seabury & Smith. The program will be at the Colorado Convention Center on Jan. 28, 2000.

Some of the topics are "Tracking History of Client Problems," "Creating the Relationship," "Conflict, Identifying and Anticipating Conflict," "Terminating the Client Relationship" and "The Grievance Procedure." A judicial panel will also be included and will feature Colorado Court of Appeals Judges JoAnn Vogt and Bob Kapelke, as well as former CBA President Ben Aisenberg.

As an additional benefit, all attendees will receive a discount on malpractice insurance. This program pays for itself in time, money and peace of mind. Registrants may call CBA CLE at: (303) 860-0608 for more information or to register with a Visa or MasterCard.

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