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December 1999
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Whose Brother's Bar?


by: The Docket Committee

If you need to take a break without worrying about the way you dress, or picking up a fork, let alone the right one, try My Brothers Bar.

Members of The Docket committee had to drag themselves kicking and screaming to the most recent Bar Review at My Brothers Bar.

Yeah Right.

Not one of us could resist the charm of this bar, located down in the soon-to-be sophisticated Platte River Valley at 2376 15th St.

There’s no sign above the door and we really don’t know whose brother owns it. You’ll know you’re at the right place when you hear the blasting sounds of Beethoven or Schubert over the loudspeaker.

Although the music is sweet, don’t expect your waiter or waitress to be. Our waitress sat down to eat as members of the committee came trickling in. She was not eager to get up, empowering Marshall Snider to get his own beer from the bar.

Another of the bar’s eccentricites included the lack of plates. All burgers come in paper wrappers and the condiments, such as onions, relish and peppers, are brought out in a plastic crate.

But we don’t consider either of these things a downside to My Brothers Bar. It is a working (wo)man’s bar, located by the old Forney railroad museum, (soon to become a REI store.) Regulars consider this rough ambience as quaint.

As for the food, Greg Rawlings is a fan of the JCB, short for jalapeno cream cheese burger. Marshall Snider considers their double cheeseburgers the best in town. Their beer selection is amiable, but there was no Fat Tire on the menu for lovers of the New Belgium Brewing company.

Our conversation started deteriorating by the end of the night, when a small-scale "Make your own logo for the Docket" contest became an exercise in ego-stroking. Newcomer Docket member Mike Decker won hands down, with a logo to be revealed in an upcoming issue of The Docket.

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