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January 2000
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Books and Life Outside the Law

by Greg Rawlings


The following books are recent works by or about lawyers doing something other than practicing law.

  1. "Death and Waxes." The inspirational tale of how Harvard Law honors graduate Rosa Thanatos left behind the rigors of insurance defense law and became the world’s first funeral home aroma-therapy consultant. Comes with chic but dignified black scratch and sniff inner patch.

  2. "wetcommy.comm." This brief memoir by Boris Yeltsin’s "personal liquids consultant," Stoli Smirnoff, a former criminal law professor at Moscow State, details the Russian premier’s search for the perfect vodka. "His was an undying, perhaps unquenchable thirst," muses Smirnoff. The chapter, "Grain, Yo, baby! Potato, Nyet!" is by itself worth the price of this trade paperback. The title comes from the Web site established by the author to facilitate the sale and transfer of large amounts of Yeltsin’s personally autographed liter bottles, with winsome doodles by the premier himself.

  3. "Dog Lawyer." Robert Stone’s epic fictionalized account of the harrowing yet enlightening tale of Bud "Bad Dog" Bailey’s rise from pit bull fight bouncer and promoter to the federal judiciary. Has any other lawyer dared put himself through DU Law by setting up bear-baiting, cockfights and poodle mud wrestling smokers? One certainly hopes not. The route to the federal bench is always strange but seldom stranger than this. Stone eschews his usual paranoid WASP tone for a crisp, dialogue-based version of this singular man’s dogged pursuit of great retirement benefits and a future with JAG.

  4. "A Capital Idea." My own satiric romp through my six years as a lawyer in Denver, after graduating from an expensive mid-western law school that doesn’t actually seem to exist. The poignant night time scene where I drive my young daughter to where I thought I’d gone to law school only to discover instead an empty field across from a rent-by-the-hour hotel, which advertised in lurid neon letters its "famous Round Bar" will bring tears to your eyes. Each copy comes with a "Res Ipsa Wot ? " ball cap, one size fits all. Contact the author at www.sendmony.comm.

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