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March 2000
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This is the Best Article Ever

by: Emeritus    

This is the best article ever printed in The Docket.

It's better than the stuff you read (ha, who reads 'em anyway?) by the other guys who get their stuff published in this magazine.

The reason this is the best article ever printed in The Docket is because it's about the Jan. 17 story in The Denver Post, which just about explained everything I know about the practice of law, as it is practiced in this community among all of you who also practice it.

The article explained why most of you are incompetent and why, as much as I point this out to you, you'll never understand you're incompetent. You think Justice Rhenquist is bright? Wrong--he takes positions contrary to mine on a regular basis. You think those trial judges who overrule my objections every chance they get are bright? Wrong.

I can't talk to Rhenquist. I can't tell him to his stoney face why he is wrong. But I can talk to the trial judges. I point out why they're wrong, where they're wrong, how they're wrong, but I keep losing while they keep overruling.

You know why?

The article in The Denver Post explained why. A couple of university researchers discovered that incompetent people don't know they're incompetent. No matter how many times you tell an incompetent person that he doesn't know as much as a Rhenquist or a John Rocker, he just doesn't get it. See? You point out to a judge over and over how he is misinterpreting the law and he still won't change his ruling.

The researchers discovered that when incompetent people were shown they scored low on tests, where the competent scored high, they simply were incapable of realizing that they were wrong. Does this ring a bell, folks? Are you beginning to understand why your clients leave you, even after you tell them the reason they lost their homes and cars at trial was because the judge didn't understand the law? Are you beginning to understand why the Grievance Committee thinks you should be disbarred even after you point out to them how inadequate and unlearned they are? It's simply impossible for the incompetent to realize they're different from us.

There's one place the researchers missed the boat a bit. They discovered that the truly competent are the ones who sometimes think they might not have done a job correctly or might not have performed some task properly. They're wrong on that point. I always know when I've done it right.

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