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April 2000
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Who's Who?

by Docket staff



Full Name:
Larry Pozner

"The Poz"

Gig: Litigator extraordinaire; Television legal pundit

Knowledge of look alike (David Duchovny): As reported in the Aug. 6, 1998 issue of the Denver Rocky Mountain News, "Once a woman thought I was her gynecologist. And I've often been mistaken for David Duchovny."

Talents: One hell of a litigator

Nontalents: Reading maps; typing; singing; etc.



Full Name:
David Duchovny

Agent Fox Mulder

Gig: FBI agent

Knowledge of look alike (Larry Pozner): None. Allegedly might have said, "Larry Pozner? Isn't he that guy who looks like Barry Scheck (defense attorney and DNA expert of O.J. Simpson fame)?"

Talents: U.F.O. spotter; truth seeker

Nontalents: Litigating; finding the Cigarette-Smoking Man

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