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April 2000
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Legal Prodigy Awes Denver Bar

by Greg Rawlings

No lawyer in Colorado history has ever made his mark so quickly--and certainly not at such a young age--as whiz kid Jericho Walls. All of eight years old (going on nine, he insists we mention), he's known to haunt the marble corridors of Denver metro justice in a red Brooks Kids sports coat and cute khaki shorts. The pint-sized barrister is on a fast track like no other. When prodded by this Docket reporter, he confessed: "My goals include the federal judiciary at 16, the U.S. Supreme Court by 21, and then, well then, perhaps the Hague. And, of course, my rumored update of Holmes' 'The Common Law' is no mere rumor."

Who is this prodigy? Our research showed him zooming through the Auroria Advanced Academy for the Freakishly Gifted by age six, and then storming the gates at CU-Boulder. By age eight, he'd taken his B.A. in Economics, and his J.D.--graduating summa cum laude, and editing the Law Review. Eschewing a Rhodes Scholarship, and a teaching fellowship at Chicago, he passed the Colorado Bar and assumed a full litigation docket at a major local firm.

"Why Denver?" he was asked.

"Mommy and Daddy live here. Duh! And my gerbils, Tribe and Dershowitz."

Ah, yes, mommy and daddy. His mother, Daisy Mae Fae Walls, was discovered by his father, noted CU anthropologist, Winslow Walls, teaching in a one-room schoolhouse in Possum Pond, Kentucky, and living in a treehouse above the Little Sandy River. Her 180 IQ and waist-length auburn hair dazzled the dazzling scholar, and the two were married in Vegas, nine months and a day before the birth of their little bundle of genius.

As our interview wound down, Jericho played Pokéman on his lap as his parents negotiated a deal with Geraldo on matching cell phones. I asked the intrepid tyke if he had anything he'd like to say to his fellow Denver attorneys. Thoughtfully, perhaps even ruefully, he had one request.

"Could this 8 a.m. court stuff, like, go away. . .I'm tired of missing the end of "Mr. Rogers." And with that, he was gone.

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