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May 2000
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April Fool Makes Some Laugh, Cry


Editor's note: The following are excerpts of letters, phone calls and e-mails from our happy but distraught readers concerning our April (Fool's) Issue of The Docket. We left out names to protect the fooled. P.S. The Editor received more than one hang-up call, presumably from those inquiring about the personal ads.

Masked Robe on page 1

"What is that mess on the front page of The Docket? To me it was extremely offensive: it ridicules the homeless; and equates the salaries of District judges with that of the status of the less fortunate. There is no contest between the two. It is a crime that the District judges in this state are minimized by the state legislature as they are; but to the average citizen, judges are paid handsomely."

Bar Exam Retake

"I almost fell for it. That's what long hours will do. I hope your e-mail runneth over regarding this article!"

"I believe that it is fortunate for Mr. Brian Dubin, . . . that he has deleted from all the legal directories his telephone number. If many fellow attorneys feel as I do about Mr. Dubin's tactics, then we would doubtless receive some interesting responses . . . I am outraged and, for the first time, will now actively entertain the possibility of moving to a different state rather than conform to this new draconian and irresponsible regulation of the practice of law."

"Not only did I have no notice of the pendancy of this change, I cannot even find any reference of it searching the www sites it should be on—no indication of any such hearing, no indication of any pending Rule change. I searched the Colorado sites, as well as news sites—nothing."

"There is nothing about this in April's issue of The Colorado Lawyer. As an in-house attorney out in the provinces, I'm a little isolated from breaking news."

Personal Ads p. 23

"I just wanted to call and tell you the personals—all four of them—were hilarious. I especially liked the one with Cindy, available 25 minutes on Thursday and two hours on Sunday. Thanks."

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