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May 2000
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30-Somethings Laugh at Giggling Grizzly

by Docket Staff

If you yearn for a hangout that is reminiscent of your law school party days, the Giggling Grizzly is for you.

For the latest bar review, The Docket Committee ventured to the streets of LoDo. Located at 20th and Market, the bar is a mix between a '70s ski lodge, with hardwood floors and mounted animal heads, and a traditional college bar, complete with drinking specials.

Trolling for dates? We counted four females in two and a half hours—that included the waitresses. Some women may find the odds terrific, but men looking for women could be disappointed.

Since The Docket committee had no need for any of that tomfoolery (all present were happily hitched), they got down to the basics, taking advantage of the Thursday specials: $1 domestic drafts, $1.50 well drinks and half-price appetizers. Their appetizers are the usual bar fare: nachos, wings, etc., although the portions are colossal.

One thing the Grizzly didn't carry, however, were the top-shelf orders. Greg Rawlings was less than pleased when he discovered that Johnny Walker was nowhere to be found.

Despite Mr. Rawlings' astonishment, the no-nonsense waitress was friendly and attentive.

Being in LoDo, across from Coors Field, parking can be a pain. But if you want to get a ballpark buzz without the ballpark prices, stop in before or after the game.

But beware to those who want to try the bar on a weekend night. The Grizzly becomes a roaring, snarling 20-something house-party come 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

Otherwise, a few beers on a weekday night might be just the thing.

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