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May 2000
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2000-2001 Denver Bar Elections



Bill Walters

"We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right." — Nelson Mandela

Reading to a child. Serving on a committee. Mentoring a new attorney. Fund-raising. Writing articles. Resolving fee disputes. Assisting a non-profit organization. Representing those who cannot afford attorneys. Working late. Getting up early.

Hundreds of times a day these and other scenes of service are repeated throughout Denver's legal community as attorneys find ways to use time wisely and "do right." Each of us who has the privilege of practicing law knows these acts of generosity and kindness are often performed without expectation of recognition or reward. They are performed in the highest tradition of service by attorneys to their clients, community and profession. The DBA provides a critical link in providing these service opportunities by identifying needs and supporting those who volunteer. I look forward to continuing that tradition.

Walters & Joyce, P.C., Dir.; B.A. Emory Univ., 1967; J.D., Columbia Univ., 1974; Chair, Legal Aid Found., 1999-2000; Trustee, 1995-pres.; Colo. Lawyers Comm., Chair, Mbr., Exec. Comm., 1991-94; Lawyer of the Year, 1991; CBA/CLE President, 1992-93; Dir., Youth Ed. Program Comm., 10th Circuit Judicial Conference, 1991, 1996; Colo. Sup. Ct. Public Legal Ed. Comm., 1985-88; CBA, Nonprofit Corp. Act Revision Comm., 1989-98; Legal Ed. Comm., Contributor, The Colorado Lawyer; 1975-86; American Citizenship Comm., 1975-78; DBA, Settlement Week Mediator; Community Concerns Comm.

Gina B. Weitzenkorn

Today's rapidly changing world requires that the DBA revisit its goals and place in the legal community and in society. Our community has become part of a larger metropolitan area. Our community, as well as our profession, includes the haves and have-nots. The DBA must meet the needs of all lawyers: men and women; Anglos and persons of color; financially successful and those who are struggling; large law-firms and solo practitioners; counsel for governmental agencies and businesses; the judiciary; part-time practitioners and those not actively practicing law. This includes working to repair the image of lawyers, providing assistance to those who cannot afford legal services, and creating an environment in which the good work of lawyers is recognized and appreciated. As DBA president, I would work diligently on behalf of the DBA and its members so that the needs of our community and our profession are well served.

B.A., Univ. of Wisconsin, 1972; J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1975; Partner, Mills & Weitzenkorn, 1996-pres.; Assoc., Feder, Morris, Tamblyn & Goldstein, 1994-96; Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Metro Denver, 1976-94; Dir., Thurs. Night Bar, 1983-94; President, Colo. Womens Bar, 1990-91; Chair, CBA Family Law Sec. 1995-96; Bd. Member, Lend-A-Lawyer, 1997-pres.; CBA Jacob Schaetzel Award, 1994, DU Law Star Alumni Professionalism Award, 1994.

Peggy E. Montaño

Denver is consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the country. The contributions of the legal community are a part of why Denver is a great city. Whether we live and work or simply work in Denver, we are fortunate to be an integral part of this community. I am struck by the breadth of contributions lawyers make to Denver. Financial support for service projects abound in our budget and committee agendas: school literacy, debate teams, child care projects, legal education brochures, videotapes and hotlines, task forces for one thing or against another—we are a part of all of it. If I am chosen as president of the Denver Bar Association, I will continue the community involvement of our association and support the varied interests of our lawyers. While we may disagree about many things, we, by our actions, agree on our commitment to our city.

Colorado Women's College, 1977; Univ. of Colorado Law, 1980; legal services and Colo. Attorney General, 1981-1987; private practice, 1988-2000; Trout & Raley, 2000-pres.; various offices, Colo., American, Women's and Hispanic Bars; Colo. Law Examiners; Univ. of Colorado Law Board Advisors; Colo. Parks Board, 1992-99; Trustee, Clayton Foundation, 1994-98; Chair, U.S. Dept. of Interior TX/LA Water Commission; Reapportionment Commission of Colo., 1991; Water Quality Commission, 1992; Citizens Commission, Great Outdoors Colorado, 1990; Mi Casa Women's Resource Board, 1990-94; Doyle's Inn, 1993-pres.; DBA Trustee & Budget, 1997-99; Parent of two wonderful children.

First Vice President

Federico C. Alvarez
J.D., Harvard, 1980; B.A. Pan American Univ., 1977; US West, 1999-pres.; Denver Dist. Ct., 1990-99; County Ct., 1987-90; Member, CO Trial Judges Council, 1977-99; CO Dist. Judges Assoc. Exec. Comm., 1992-96; Am. Jud. Soc., 1987-99; ABA; CBA, Poli. Ed. Comm., 2000; Jud. Sect. Exec. Comm., 1997-00; Bd. of Govs., 1991-92; DBA, CHBA; Bd. of Dir. 1991-92; Harvard Alum. Assoc., 1985-89; Rhone-Bracket Inn, Pres. 1996-97.

Mary M. Phillips
J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1982; B.A., Stanford Univ., 1965; Shareholder, Powers Phillips, 1991-pres.; CBA Bd. of Govs., 1990-92; Co-Chair, CBA Govt. Counsel Forum Comm., 1995-98; Chair, CBA Legal Ed. & Admissions Comm., 1984-87; Chair, Minority Adm. Subcomm., 1982-83, 1987-98; CBA Family Violence Steering Comm., 1996-pres.; President, Colo. Women's Bar, 1993-94; Co-Chair, SafeHouse Denver, Inc., 2000, Chair, 1997.

Joe Dischinger
B.A., Univ. of Va., 1978; J.D., Univ. of Va., 1982; Practiced commercial litigation, water law in Denver for 17 years; now practices environmental, water law at Grimshaw & Harring; Chairman, DBA Judicial Admin.Comm., 1991-94; Chairman, Court Child Care Task Force, 1995-99; DBA Volunteer Lawyer of the Year, 1998; Exec. Comm., Colo. S. Ct. Comm. on Gender & Justice, 1996-pres.; Member, Thompson Marsh Inn, 1995-pres.

Second Vice President

Julie M. Walker
B.A., Philosophy, Muhlenberg College, 1987; J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1994 (Law Review, 1992-94, Moot Court Appellate Team, 1992-94); Associate Attorney, Burns, Figa & Will; CBA Ethics Comm., 1998-pres.; William Doyle's Inn, 1992-pres.; Executive Comm., 1996-pres.; Faculty of Federal Advocates, 1998-pres., Denver Foundation for Performing Arts Comm., 1996-98; Muhlenberg College Board of Trustees, 1998-pres.

Julie Evans Anderson
B.A., William Smith, 1988; J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1992; Private practice, 1992-00; Denver County Ct. Mag., 1999-pres.; Of Counsel, Anderson, Hemmat & Levine, 2000-pres.; Instructor, D.P.I., 1999-pres.; Minoru Yasui Inn; CBA Comms: Law Ed.; Legal Fee Arb.; Alcohol Related Problems; DBA Comms: Bench Bar; Community Concerns; Judicial Admin.; Public Legal Ed.; City of Denver Diversity Advisory Comm; CWBA; CTLA.

D. Rico Munn
B.A., Midland Lutheran College, 1993; J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1996; Baker and Hostetler, 1996-pres.; Trustee, Colo. Legal Aid Found., 1997-pres.; Member, CBA Ethics Comm., 1997-pres.; Univ. of Denver Alumni Council, Member, 1996-pres., Sec., 1998-pres.; Member, William Doyle Inn, 1994-pres.; Board Member, Center for Justice & Accountability, 1998-pres.; State Outreach Director, Colorado Democratic Party, 1999-pres.

Board of Trustees

Stacy A. Carpenter
B.A., Univ. of Rochester (cum laude), 1993; J.D., Northwestern Univ., 1996; Long & Jaudon, 1996-98; Baldwin & Brown, 1999-pres.; Second V.P., DBA Board of Trustees, 1999-pres.; Member, CBA Board of Govs., 1999-pres.; Member, CBA Legislative Policy Comm., 2000-pres.; Co-Chair, DBA Legal Services Comm., 1998-pres.; Member, CBA Pro Bono Taskforce, 1999-pres.; Coach, Manual H.S. Mock Trial Team, 1997-pres.

Paul H. Chan
J.D., Univ. of Calif., Berkley, 1984; B.A., Univ. of Denver, 1981; Gen. Counsel, Univ. of Denver, 1997-pres.; formerly a Colo. Assis. Atty. General, 1986-97; Colo. Sup. Ct. Board of Law Examiners, 1998-pres.; CBA Bd. of Govs., 1994-96; President, National Asian Pacific Amer. Bar Assoc., 1997; President, Colo. Asisan Pacific Bar Assoc., 1991; Bd. of Dirs., Epworth Food Bank, 1986-90; Married to Alesia McCloud, Esq., 2 children.

Michelle Lucero
B.A., Rockhurst College, 1986; J.D., Univ. of Colo., 1989; US West, Inc., 1999-pres.; Assist. Gen. Counsel Denver Health, 1996-99; SEC, 1995-96; Denver Assist. City Atty. 1990-95; DBA Rep. CBA Bd. of Govs., 1996-2000; President, CHBA, 1998, Bd. of Dirs., 1991-2000; Leadership Denver, 2000; Rhone Brackett Inn, 1999-2000; Denver Victims Service Bd. of Dirs., 1999-pres.; Univ. of Colo. Alumni Assoc. Outstanding Young Atty.

Christopher L. Hardaway
U.S. Military Academy at West Point, 1974-77; B.A., Colorado State Univ., 1987; J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1993; Private attorney, family law, 1993-pres.; CBA Exec. Council Family Law Section, 1998-2000; Chair, DBA Public Legal Education Committee, 1998-2000; Board of Governors, State IDC, 1999-pres.; DBA Volunteer Lawyer of the Year, 1999.

Marian L. Carlson
J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1988; B.A., Univ. of Northern Colo., 1984; Member, Cortez Macaulay Bernhardt & Schuetze LLC, 1997-pres.; CBA Ethics Comm., 1997-99; CBA Bd. of Govs., 1997-99; CBA Vice President, Denver District, 1996-97; Co-Chair, Barristers Ball, 1996; Chair, DBA YLD, 1994-95; Member, DBA YLD Exec. Council, 1992-94; President, Community Resources, Inc., 1999-pres.

Claudia Jordan
B.A., Univ. of North Carolina at Charlotte, 1975; J.D., Univ. of Colo., 1980; Colo. State Defender Denver Trial Office, 1982-87; Sole Practitioner, 1974-94; Denver County Court Judge, 1994-pres.; Member, Sam Cary Bar Association; Member, Denver Bar Association; Member, Colorado Bar Association; Chair, Criminal Law Executive Council, 1998, member, 1983-pres.

Board of Governors Reps

Elizabeth A. Weishaupl
B.A., B.M. Univ. of Denver, 1985-86; J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1989; Law Clerk, Colo. Supreme Ct., Justice Kirshbaum, 1990; Long & Jaudon, 1990-94; Attorney General's Office, 1994-pres.; Chair, Co-Chair, CBA Bill of Rights Committee, 1997-98; CWBA Board of Govs., 1999; Minoru Yasui and Marsh Inn of Court, 1992-pres.

Kristin L. Wetenkamp
B.A., Univ. of Utah, 1992; J.D., J. Rueben Clark Law School, Brigham Young Univ., 1995; Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Oliver, Calif., 1996-98; Ireland, Stapleton, Pryor & Pascoe, 1998-2000; Sun Microsystems, Inc., 2000-pres.; Captain, U.S. Army, Military Intelligence; Member, ABA, Calif. and Colo. Bar Associations; Chair, DBA projects: Young Lawyers' Christmas in January, Celebration of Excellence and Barristers Benefit Ball.

Pamela A. Gagel
B.A., University of Denver, 1975; J.D., University of Denver, 1985; Domestic Pilot Project 2000-pres.; Sabbatical, 1999; Denver District Court Magistrate 1995-98; Law Clerk, Honorable Cheryl Post, 1993-95; Kobayashi & Associates, 1990-93; Holme Roberts & Owen, 1989-90; Sole practice, 1985-89; President, CWBA 1992-93; Co-Chiar, CWBA Public Policy Committee, 1986-88.

Lorraine E. Parker
B.B.A. Finance and Honors, Univ. of Texas, 1980; J.D., South Texas College of Law, cum laude, 1984; Montgomery, Kolodny, Amatuzio, Dusbabek & Parker, 1996-pres.; President, Colo. Women's Bar Association, 1999-2000; Board of Directors, 1994-2000; Member, Attorney Regulation Hearing Board, 1999-pres.; Practiced civil litigation in Colo. since 1992; Assistant District Attorney in Houston, Texas, from 1984-92.

Nicole Elias Seawell
B.S., cum laude, Cornell Univ., 1993; J.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1996; Assoc., Holland & Hart, 1998-pres.; Summer Clerk, Judge Plank, Colo. Court of Appeals; Intern, Dist. Atty., 18th Judicial Dist.; Co-Chair, Judicial Comm., CWBA; Exec. Bd. Member, DBA YLD; Exec. Bd. Member, Rhone Bracket Inn; CWBA Rep., Colo. Women's Leadership Coalition; Founder, Colo. Real Estate Council; Chair, Women in Real Estate.

Mark D. Korman
B.S., Univ. of Colo., 1979; J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1984; Denver Law Journal; Private and In-House Practice, most recently as General Counsel for OrionAuto Insurance Company; CBA Board of Govs., 1995-98; Chair, DBA Summer Intern Comm., 1996, Co-Chair, 1995; Chair, DBA YLD, 1993-94; ABA Young Lawyers Division Publications Comm., 1993-94; Barristers Ball Steering Committee, 1994; Member, Denver Law Club.

Norman R. Mueller
B.A., Univ. of Kansas, 1971; J.D., Yale, 1974; Deputy State Public Defender, 1974-80; Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, 1983-pres.; Member, Supreme Ct. Comm. on Appellate Rules, 1986-pres.; Member, Supreme Ct. Comm. on Rules of Crim. Procedure, 1984-90; Board of Eds., The Colorado Lawyer, 1994-pres.; Member, CBA Exec. Council, Crim. Justice Sec., 1985-pres., Chair, 1990-91; President, CO Criminal Defense Bar, 1986-87.

Gary M. Clexton
B.A., Michigan State Univ., 1975; Master in Public Health, Univ. of Michigan, 1978; J.D., Univ. of Michigan, 1987; Pendleton, Friedberg, Wilson & Hennessey, 1988-97; Managing Partner, King Clexton & Feola, 1997-pres.; AIDS Coordinating Comm., 1989-97, Chair, 1991-93; CBA Budget Comm., 1994-98; DBA/CBA Joint Management Comm., 1998-2000; Fellow, Colorado Bar Foundation, 1997-pres.

Laura B. Embleton
B.A., Univ. of Colo., 1985; J.D., Univ., of Denver, 1991; CBA/CLE, 1998-pres.; Chair DBA YLD Exec., Council, 1998-2000, Chair-Elect, 1997-98, Sec., 1996-97; Chair, Barristers Ball, 1998; Patron Table Chair, 1997, 2000; Exec. Comm., 1999; Legal Services Comm., 1999-00; Founder, Chair, Celebration of Excellence, 1999-00; Chair, Bar Mart, 1998-99; Christmas in Jan., 1997-00; Legal Aid Found., 1998-pres.

Kenzo S. Kawanabe
J.D., Georgetown Univ., 1997 (Notes Ed. of Geo. Immigr. L.J.); Temple Law Japan, 1997; B.A., Univ. of Colo., 1994; Davis Graham & Stubbs, 1998-pres.; Clerk, Chief Justice Mullarkey, 1997-98; CO Lawyers Comm., Vouchers/Educ. Task Force, 1999-pres.; Asian Pacific Amer. Bar, 1997-pres., Commun. Co-Chair, 1999-pres.; CBA/DBA Diversity Comm., 1999-pres.; Bd. of Dirs., Commun. Resrce. Ctr., 1997-pres.; Ebert Elementary tutor.

Steven J. Hahn
B.A., Hampshire College, 1985; J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1988; M.A., Univ. of Denver, 1993; 1995 Barristers Ball Honoree; DBA Representative, Metro Volunteer Lawyers Advisory Board, 1995-pres.; Law clerk, First J.D., Hon. Gaspar Perricone, 1988-89; Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Wash., D.C., 1989; Hahn, Smith & Walsh, 1990-pres.

David D. Powell, Jr.
B.A., Univ. of Santa Clara, 1980; J.D., UCLA School of Law, 1983; Partner, Holland & Hart; Member: ABA; CBA; National Bar Assoc.; Sam Cary Bar Assn.; Board of Trustees; Colorado School of Mines; 1997 Recipient of the Richard Marden Davis Award.

John M. Vaught
B.S., Austin Univ., 1969; J.D., St. Mary's Univ., (summa cum laude), 1978; Law Clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit; Chair, DBA YLD 1984; Colo. and Wyo. Delegate to ABA YLD Exec. Comm., 1985-87; Fellow of the ABA YLD; Past Member., DBA Finance & Nominating Comms.; Member, CBA/DBA Task Force on MDP; NITA Faculty, 1992-pres.; Holland & Hart, 1979-98; Partner, Gibson Dunn & Crutcher.

Tom Downey
B.A. Econ. William & Mary, J.D. Villanova, 1993. ABA Bar Leadership Inst., 1997. Admitted Maryland, 1993 (inactive); Colo., 1998; Colo. Atty. Gen's Off., 1999-pres.; Berenbaum, Weinshienk & Eason, Denver, Colo., 1998-99; Abrams, West, Storm & Diamond, Bethesda, MD, 1994-97; Cir. Ct. Judge Donohue, 1993-94; Chair, DBA Mem. Comm., 2000; DBA Planning & Advisory Comm., 1998-99; CBA H.S. Mock Trial Coach, 1998-pres.; Inns of Court, 1994-98.

Omer Griffin
B.A., Univ. of Denver, 1942; LLB, Harvard Law School, 1948; CBA: Board of Governors, 1979-94, 1995-99; DBA: Treasurer; Member; Board of Trustees, 1979-94; Numerous committees.

Christopher B. Little
B.A., Univ. of Colorado, 1985; J.D., Univ. of Denver, 1987; Alper & Mann, Washington, D.C., 1987-91; Montgomery, Little & McGrew, 1991-pres.; Past member, CBA Professionalism Comm.; Grievance Policy Comm.; Chair, DBA Community Concerns Comm., 1996-pres.; CBA Board of Governors, 1997-pres. Member, CBA Professional Liability Comm., 1998-pres.

Art Pansing
B.S., Univ. of Neb., 1975; J.D., Creighton Univ. 1981; Sole prac., 1989-pres.; Chair, CBA Solo/Small Firm Sec., 1997-98; Founder, Sole Prac. Seminar; Elected Member, Colo. Bd. of Ed., 1985-91; Founding member, M.L.K. Jr., Holiday Commission, 1988; Distinguished Service Award, Colo. Library Assoc., 1988; Distinguished Service Award, Colo. Alliance of Environ. Ed., 1990; Bd. of Dirs., Upper C. Creek Metro Dist., 1992-98.

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