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June 2000
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Thanks Volunteers!


DBA/YLD Law on the Mall

Law Week was a success thanks to those who helped staff the intake table and give legal information. Thanks to: Ron Ledgerwood, Paul Vorndran, Scott LaBarre, Debbie Wilson, Tamatha Blase, Steve Dymond, Bryan Kemler, Paul Streetman, Mick Walker, Mike Sabin, Darla Benford, Jane Burgoin, Denise Dougherty, Sheri Favreau, Victoria Gibson, Sheryl Kamicar, Pete Moczo, Janet Price, Frank Rodriguez, Mary Shaw, Linda Chandler, Melody Saxton and Thersea Bail.

Lawline 9

The following attorneys answered calls from the public for Lawline 9 on various Wednesday evenings. Thanks for your time and effort. To volunteer, call Dave Ells at (303) 824-5323.

Rene Adema, Kip Barrash, Joseph Davies, Bill Hudgins, Joan Kuckkahn, Bonnie Roberts, Philipp Theune, Jordan Hochstadt, Dianne Kueck, Heather Shore, Amado Cruz, Buck Dominick, Craig Eley, Chad Hemmat, Marianne Lizza, Scott Robinson, Laura Tighe, Dan Cohen, Graden Jackson, Don Jacobson, Steve Shapiro, David Sprecace, Bruce Bernstein, Ida Escobedo-Betson, Michael Switzer, Mark Chapleau, Art Frazin, Margaret Teigen, Michelle Dillard, Bill Haring, Mary Jeffers, Michelle Lucero, Dave Maginsky, Mac McManus, Chad McShane, Celia Randolph, Brad Shefrin, Michael Belo, Lyle Boll, Karen Leather, Jessica Lee, Chris Miller, Tom Ripp, Jim Aab, Becky Keil, Cynthia Treadwell-Miller, Claire Dineen, Mark Masters, Robert Sagrillo, Steve Warden, Russell Kemp, Sharon Grossenbach, Sonja Becker, Bill Burns, Elina Hundley, Bill Silverman, Anna Schofield, Cynthia Mares, Judy Firestone, Susan Price, Barbara Quade, Beth Zancosky, Alice Mansfield, Elena Eisenberg, Mary Jeffers, Wendy Harvey, Jack Kintzele, Tod Fitzke, Hugh Pixler, Robert Cervone, Gretchen Eberhardt and Kathleen Negri.

Legal Clinics

Volunteers help every month at various Denver Bar Association legal clinics. Thanks to those who provided the public with legal information.

Doing Your Own Divorce: Chris Hardaway, Katherine Karuschkat, Becky Wiggins-Tinsley, Shana Bernstein, Bob Smith and Valerie Malara.

Child Support Enforcement: Barbara Chamberlain, Karen Best, Mike Hope, Becky Wiggins-Tinsley, Margaret Walker, Ida Escobedo-Betson and Chris Hardaway.

Visitation: Chris Hardaway

Small Claims: Kip Barrash

Collections: Charles Darrah

Bankruptcy: Kimber Smith, Karen Galvin, Evan Sweet, Taya Powers and Art Lindquist-Kleiss.

Mock Trials

A special thanks to DBA members involved in "above and beyond" mock trial activities, especially Elsa Martinez-Tenreiro and Stacy Carpenter.

The Denver/Arapahoe Regional Mock Trial tournament was held on February 25-26. Nearly 50 DBA members (judges and attorneys) participated in the judging and scoring of the competition. Our thanks to many members of both the DBA and the Arapahoe Bar for their support.

The Colorado State Mock Trial Tournament was held on March 10-11. Nearly 100 judges, attorneys and community members from all metro-area bar associations and communities participated in the judging and scoring of 28 mock trial rounds of competition. The competition would be impossible without these volunteers

Metro Volunteer Lawyers

Thanks to those attorneys who participated in the Family Law Court Program: Michelle Hannigan, Bill Litvak, Larry Leff, Kathleen Schoen, Bill King, Bonnie Schriner, Mary Jo Dougherty, Tone Schauer, Norm Campbell, Ed Moss, Cindy Vigesaa, Elsa Martinez-Tenreiro, Ron Stowell, Rona Kadish, Jeff Albright, Teresa Cole, Susan Grauer, Bob Montgomery, Dee Ann Keller, Peter Garin, Martin Brown, David Morrissey, Jack Harding, Nick Jonson and Chris Randall.

With these volunteers, MVL helped a total of 60 clients with domestic relations matters in April. If you would like to participate in the Family Law Court Program, please call Tony Damon at (303) 866-9375.

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