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June 2000
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DBA Directory Information is Due

The deadline for returning your DBA 2001 Colorado Legal & Financial Directory verification card is June 15. These cards are the easiest way to ensure a correct listing in the next directory.

Just look over your information printed on the card, make any changes and put the self-addressed, postage-paid card in the mail. Even if all of the information on the card is correct, please return the card.

If you don't return the card, your listing will be taken directly from the business information that you have on file with the Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Registration as of June 1.

For those of you in law firms or legal departments with five or more attorneys, these cards were sent directly to the law office or legal department administrator. He or she will either route the forms to individual attorneys for verification, or verify the listings for the entire firm.

Individual listings
These are free and include your address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address. Added extras:

  • Your listing in bold type -- $12.50
  • Fields of Practice listing -- $26 per field
  • Fields of Practice listing in bold type -- $31 per field
  • Multiple address listings (if you split your time between two or more offices) -- $50 per additional address

    Firm Listings
    Law firms and corporate legal departments with five or more attorneys get free listings in the Law Firms & Legal Departments section, but smaller firms and solo practitioners can purchase a listing in this section for $16. Other extras for firms of any size:

  • Firm listing for firms of any size in bold type -- $26.50
  • Boxed listing for firms of any size -- $26.50
  • Fields of Practice listing -- $48 per field
  • Fields of Practice listing in bold type -- $58 per field
  • Roster of all attorneys in firm -- $10.50 per name
  • Who receives verification information?

    All attorneys licensed in Colorado on active status with the Colorado Supreme Court should have received this information in the mail.

    "But I never received a card."

    If you don't have a current business address on file with Attorney Registration, you may not have received your card. You can still verify your information by calling Pam Amato, Data Manager for the 2001 Colorado Legal & Financial Directory, at (303) 584-6740. Or, go to the CBA Web site ( and fill out the online address verification form. Remember, if you work for a law firm or legal department employing five or more attorneys, your verification card was sent to the law office or legal department administrator.

    Help us help you.

    The 2001 Colorado Legal & Financial Directory will be a valuable tool for attorneys and legal professionals. As a DBA member, you will receive a complimentary copy as soon as the directory is published. You may also purchase additional copies at a special discounted rate. If you have any suggestions on how to make this directory more user-friendly, please let us know. Contact Meredith Frinsko at (303) 824-5327 or, or Pam Amato at (303) 584-6740 or, with your comments. For questions about advertising in the directory, contact Marcia Carteret at (303) 584-6734 or

    Watch for updates about the direct-ory in future issues of The Docket.

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