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June 2000
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Join the Match Program

by Bryan Kemler

by Bryan Kemler, Match volunteer

I became a member of the Match Program about four months ago. This program of the Legal Services Committee refers clients of moderate means to attorneys who are willing to accept cases at a reduced rate. The program serves those who earn too much to qualify for legal aid, but who cannot afford a full retainer and hourly fee. The suggested hourly fee for a Match attorney is in the range of $25 to $75 per hour. When a prospective client calls the program, he or she is sent a list of attorneys who are willing to work at a reduced rate. It is then up to that person to contact and make arrangements with one of the attorneys on the list.

Consider some of these benefits.

1. Match clients refer coworkers, friends and family members.

2. New attorneys can build their case loads.

3. Match clients really need help.

4. Handle an extra case and become a good Samaritan.

5. Match clients will often assist attorneys with their cases.

6. Sole practitioners can expand their practice areas.

7. Match clients are usually grateful for the work done for them.

8. Retired attorneys can help.

9. Match clients have interesting stories.

10. Rich clients are so darn BORING!

A forum on the Match Program will be held on June 26 at noon at 1900 Grant St., Third Floor. The forum will provide detailed and practical information to attorneys. For more information, please call Barb Martin at (303) 824-5311.

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