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October 2000
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Judicial Performance Commission Recommendations


Judges are not elected in Colorado, but they are subject to citizen vote on election day. A judge must receive at least 50 percent "--Retain" vote to continue in office. The Denver Judicial Performance Commission is composed of 10 Denver residents (four attorneys, six nonattorneys) appointed by the Governor, Colorado legislature and the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court. After evaluating pertinent information, the Commission has made the following recommendations.

Denver District Court
John W. Coughlin --Retain
Shelley Ilene Gilman --Retain
Morris B. Hoffman --Retain
Warren O. Martin --Retain
Frank Martinez --Retain
Joseph E. Meyer III --Retain
Ronald Michael Mullins --Retain

Denver Juvenile Court
Karen M. Ashby --Retain
Dana U. Wakefield --Retain
Orrelle R. Weeks --Retain

Denver County Court
Andrew S. Armatas --Retain
Doris E. Burd --Retain
Robert B. Crew, Jr. --Retain
Alfred C. Harrell --Retain
Claudia Jean Jordan --Retain
John M. Marcucci --Retain
Aleene Ortiz-White --Retain
Robert L. Patterson --Retain

Colorado Supreme Court
Michael L. Bender --Retain
Alex J. Martinez --Retain
Mary J. Mullarkey --Retain
Nancy E. Rice --Retain

Colorado Court Of Appeals
Sandra I. Rothenberg --Retain
Edwin G. Ruland --Retain
Joann L. Vogt --Retain

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