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October 2000
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Summer Intern Tells All

by Nancy Chui


by Nancy Chui

 I was a typical teenager, up until 1998. I made some bad choices and wound up in juvenile detention. Instead of sending me to prison, the judge sent me to a youth center to complete my program. I was offered two choices: go to summer school (but I had already graduated from high school) or look for a job. My therapist suggested the Youth At Work program in Denver. During my interviews at the bar association, I was offered a chance to use my interest and skills in graphic design, illustration, marketing and Web page design.

There were 16 of us in the DBA Summer Intern Program. Before we could start work, we went through training, where we learned about dressing for the workplace, communicating, having responsibilities and handling conflicts.

I was selected for the position at the Denver Bar Association because of my interest in Web design and art. While at the bar association I have had the opportunity to use and improve my skills, and learn new skills. I formatted the Child Support Handbook for the DBA Internet Web page, illustrated an article for The Docket, updated the Colorado Bar Foundation Grants database, prepared invitations for and assisted in planning the end-of-program intern reception at the Governor's Executive Residence, and like a typical intern, I filed and stuffed envelopes.

Opportunities offered by the Summer Internship Program are important because students can interact in the real world. During this internship I became more responsible and learned what it meant to have a professional job. I also became more confident, by learning how to find my own transportation as well as going to and from work by myself. My first paycheck was a real encouragement as well.

Host a DBA Summer Intern next year.
Call Dave Ells at (303) 824-5323.

DBA President Susan Smith Fisher congratulates summer interns Jacquie Duran, Sean Berrigan and Mersad Rahmanovic for winning college scholarships.

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