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November 2000
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Did You Know?

by David Erickson

A valuable lesson from Hon. George Q. Richmond in 1924.
By David Erickson, Colorado Bar Association Historian

This excerpt is from an address delivered at a special Denver Bar Association lunch-eon, April 7, 1924, by the Honorable George Q. Richmond:

"The glory of a lawyer is his strength of character. His knowledge and acumen must be forever respected. It is his lasting capital. Fires never burn it, slander cannot kill it, distance cannot destroy it, for what he owns in knowledge is his, is valuable and lasting.

"To the younger members of the profession I would say, for generations past in all countries where lawyers are known, their example and influence as a class have been, in general, favorable to sound morals, as well as to the advance of civil and religious liberty. Let the world be able to look to you for the avoidance of all those wretched arts of chicane and knavery. Keep vividly in mind that by you are the hidden villainies of the world to be brought to light, however plausible to be unmasked, and the betrayers of the cause of freedom to be consigned to undying infamy. Recollect that it is your high and inestimable privilege, by judicious counsel, to rescue your clients from merciless cupidity and unmerited ruin; to defend character from calumnious accusations. Be brave as the defenders and upholders of such civil institutions as the world has never seen but once, fearless and indefatigable champions, and promoters of social reform and progress. Defend the constitution of the federal and state governments, and maintain the republican form of government, preserving to each branch, executive, judicial and legislative, its allotted powers from enemies within and without."

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