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February 2001
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Thanks Attorneys!


Thanks to those who answered phone calls from the public on Wednesdays about various legal topics during Lawline 9: Jim Carr, Amado Cruz, Buck Dominick, Tod Fitzke, Chad Hemmat, Mary Jeffers, Kevin Smith, Laura Tighe, Dan Cohen, Graden Jackson, Karen Spalding, Jim Aab, Sonja Becker, Bruce Bernstein, Bill Burns, Randy Chin, Phil Theune, Sharon Grossenbach, Taya Powers, Megan Brynhildsen, Joe Davies, Craig Eley, Bonnie Roberts, Brad Shefrin, Lyle Boll, Heather Shore, Lea Giarrusso, Dick Francis, Peter Moore, Chad Harrison, Steve Shapiro, Kip Barrash, Bill Hudgins, Bill Silverman, Cynthia Treadwell-Miller, Elina Hindley, Jordan Hochstadt, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro, Richard Susman, Dave Maginsky, Peter Moore, Bill Haring, and Mac McManus

Several clinics at area community schools were staffed by these volunteers.

Doing Your Own Divorce: Bob Smith, Katherine Karuschkat, Chris Hardaway and Bob Smith.

Child Support Enforcement: Margaret Walker, Becky Wiggins, Maureen Leif, Karen Best and Creig Coogan.

Custody: Chris Hardaway.

Bankruptcy: John Young, Dayle Anderson.

Small Claims: Kip Barrash.

Estate Planning: Melissa Sugar.

Metro Volunteer Lawyers would like to thank those who represented clients at permanent orders hearings in Denver District Court: Bill Litvak, Kathi Hamby, Kathleen Schoen, Stan Lipkin, Joe Sedlak, Kathy Hogan, Bill Waggener, Adam Devoe and Jennifer Holt. Thank you for your extra time and efforts in support of pro bono legal services.

If you would like to participate in any of MVL’s programs during the next year or receive information on pro bono legal services, please call (303) 830-8210.

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