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April 2001
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Legal Affairs

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GOOD THINGS: Steve Farber was roasted in March at a fundraiser for the "I Have a Dream Foundation."

John Low, partner at Sherman & Howard, has received the Evans Award, the highest award the University of Denver Alumni Association bestows.

Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey was the guest speaker at the Cenikor Foundation’s Graduation Ceremony and Judicial Luncheon.

C. Scott Crabtree, Alexander & Crabtree, has been re-elected president of the Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys.

Ronald Martin, strategic planning partner for Holland & Hart, has been elected Vice President of the Board of Directors of the American College of Bankruptcy.

Anna Kautzman, Associate General Counsel for ING US Legal Services, will be the chairperson and keynote speaker at the 7th Annual IIR Forum, Compliance for Variable Products April 19-20 in Washington, D.C.

The CBA Lend-A-Lawyer program thanks Holland & Hart for its donation of $6,000 to this program, which provides legal assistance to the indigent around the state through various legal services programs. For more information about Lend-A-Lawyer, call Barb Martin at (303) 824-5311.

Family, friends and colleagues of the late Bruce B. Johnson gathered in March to mark the anniversary of his death from cancer a year ago. His wife, Maureen Regan Johnson and friends Don Kortz and Bill Vollbracht, organized a committee to raise $500,000 to endow a scholarship at the University of Denver College of Law in his memory. Johnson, who died at 54, graduated from DU Law and after practicing at Fairfield & Woods, he co-founded Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff & Ragonetti. For information about the scholarship, call Jessica Mello at DU, (303) 871-6117.

Jon Asher, executive director of Colorado Legal Services, received the Dale Tooley Community Service Award for 2001 at a ceremony at the Governor’s Mansion in March. Jon will also be receiving the CBA Award of Merit at the Vail convention in September.

Suanne M. Dell, member of Wells, Anderson & Race, is president of the Catholic Lawyers Guild for the 2001 term.

"Beyond Winning: Negotiating to Create Value in Deals and Disputes," a book co-authored by University of Colorado at Boulder Associate Law Professor Scott Peppet, has been honored with the 2000 Award for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution by the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Ted Coates, a partner at Stewart, Shortridge & Coates in Greenwood Village, and Carol R. Brucker, general counsel at Centennial Ventures in Denver, were married in February. Carol has changed her name to Carol B. Coates.

IN THE NEWS: The Tattered Cover Book Store owner, Joyce Meskis, and the store’s lawyer, Dan Recht, made news all over the country in the case where police want a sales record they believe will confirm that books about making drugs were purchased by a particular suspect. (That case is now on appeal). Dan and the Tattered Cover have taken the position that the records are protected by the First Amendment and refused to turn them over. Various articles were carried in The New York Times, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News. Dan was also interviewed by NPR, NBC News with Tom Brokaw, Court TV and 20/20. There was also a bar/press lunch at the Denver Press Club with almost all parties involved on a panel. Joyce Meskis will receive the DBA’s Liberty Bell Award at the annual party June 13.

In February, the firm of Hoffman Reilly (Dan with the snow shovel) Pozner & Williamson were pictured and quoted in a story about the suit against Qwest. Ted Trauernicht and Richard Kaudy of White & Steele were also quoted. The story was by Denver Post business writer Anne Colden, who has left for a job with Dow-Jones in London. She did an excellent job of covering Denver’s legal community and will be missed.

CHANGES: Robert Mintz has joined Hogan & Hartson as a partner in their Denver Office. He provides counsel on corporate and transactional matters.

Isaacson, Rosenbaum, Woods & Levy’s director is Blain D. Myhre.

Sherman & Howard has elected Bret R. Gunnell to membership; the firm has added 13 new associates since summer: Bruce A. Fowler, Christopher A. Hill, Stephanie C. Pickens, Jeffrey A. Beuche, Wendy R. McCord, Abel R. Coombs, Allison H. Lee, Louise Bouzari, B. Ben Dachepalli, Tamir I. Goldstein, Patrick J. Miller and Kimberley K. Crawford.

Holland & Hart announces six attorneys who have joined the firm in Denver: Matthew J. Kavanaugh IV, J. Triplett Mackintosh, Sandra P. Mozingo, Peter J. Perla, Amy S. Powers and John R. Wilson.

Hunter Holley and Jason Wilson have joined Ritsema & Lyon in the firm’s Denver office.

Stettner, Miller and Cohn announced that Susan M. Schaecher has become a shareholder.

A card from Kristen L. Mix says, "I am delighted to announce the opening of my law office and my affiliation with the Law Offices of Stuart A. Kritzer." You can reach her at or (303) 393-1111.

Pryor, Johnson, Montoya, Carney & Karr relates that Ann Marie has joined the firm as an associate.

WHOOPS: Douglas K. Palmer was one of the fall swearing-in members but somehow didn’t get on the big list in the March Docket—now he’s an official lawyer.

Also, we got a name wrong. The fact is that Edward R. Gorab is a new associate at Davis & Ceriani.

MORE CHANGES: Kate Miller and Amy Costello are new associates with Dufford & Brown. Also Herbert "Chip" Delap has joined the firm as a Director and "Of Counsel" and will continue his practice in the areas of civil trials and appeals, commercial litigation and business law.

Wells, Anderson & Race welcomes Cathy H. Greer and Pamela Skelton as members and Nika I. Zaulski as an associate.

Lino S. Lipinsky de Orlov and Robert C. Brown have been named partners with McKenna & Cuneo. Gregory W. Johnson is an associate.

Dorsey & Whitney welcomes David W. Stark as partner, Brandee L. Caswell, Adam J. Goldstein, Stephen R. Hall and Thomas J. Swigert, as associates.

Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff & Ragonetti is pleased to announce new directors and shareholders Victoria L. Hellmer, Patricia C. Campbell and J. Bart Johnson. Mark W. Yoder is a new associate.

Attorneys Angela Ghodstinat, Brett N. Huff, David W. Smiley, Franz Hardy, Kate Murphy and Deanna M. Hartley have associated with White and Steele, bringing the number of attorneys there to 43.

NEWNESS: Five former shareholders with Tilly & Graves have formed a new firm: Socha, Perczak & Anderson. Shareholders in the firm are Chuck Socha, Greg Perczak, Michele Anderson, Dave Setter and John Conklin. Associates are Cindy Boer, Kirsten Crawford, Lana Steven and Andrew Kalish. The office is at 1775 Sherman St., Suite 1925, Denver Financial Center Tower I, Denver, CO 80203. New phone is (303) 832-7265.

Suzanne Lambdin and L. Kathleen Chaney are pleased to announce the formation of Lambdin & Chaney, 383 Inverness Drive South, Suite 150, Englewood, CO 80112. Phone: (303) 799-8889.

After 40 years on Spruce Street (and 120 years in Colorado), Hutchison Black and Cook has moved its office to 921 Walnut, Suite 2000, Boulder, CO 80302. Phone remains (303) 443-6514.

Greg Huls has formed Gregory R. Huls, P.C., 4 Kokanee Center, Littleton, CO 80127. Phone: (303) 904-9541.

Dorsey & Whitney will be opening an office in Shanghai, where the population is an estimated 13 million!

Johnson, McConaty & Sargent is the new name (old name: Johnson, Ruddy, McConaty & Sargent). Thomas J. Kresl has joined the firm as an associate.

Solomon Pearl Blum Heymann & Stich has relocated its Denver office to Trinity Place, 1801 Broadway, Suite 1150, Denver, CO 80202. Resident attorneys are Clifford R. Pearl, Theresa M. Moore, Allen E. F. Rozansky, Timothy R. Spiel and Seth Weiss, Of Counsel.

Greg Stross has moved his office "from Denver to Denver," and can now be found sharing space with Chris Ahmann, 50 South Steele, Suite 333, Denver 80206 with a new phone: (303) 399-3666.

Robert Ruddy and Ann M. Thompson have formed Ruddy Thompson LLC, 1512 Larimer St., Suite 600, Denver, CO 80202. Phone: (720) 904-1190.

AND CHANGES: Kate Krause has joined Abacus Financial as a mortgage lender. She was formerly a partner at Rothgerber, Johnson & Lyons and then General Counsel to PCL Construction. You can reach her at (303) 488-0202.

Patrick T. O’Rourke has become a shareholder of Montgomery Little & McGrew.

Mark J. Meagher has been named managing partner of the Denver office of McKenna & Cuneo.

Terence C. Gill has become a member of the litigation department at Sherman & Howard.

Richard G. Olona has joined Univance Telecommunications, Inc. as vice president and general counsel.

Brega & Winters welcomes Scott T. Rodgers as a director of the firm and John G. Nelson as an associate in the Denver office.

After 15 years with Rossi & Maricle, Paul Maricle has joined the firm of Schlueter & Associates.

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