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May 2001
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DBA Elections



Elizabeth A. Starrs

Lawyers are some of the most wonderful, intelligent, hard-working people I know. I firmly believe that, far from being berated, lawyers and judges should be celebrated for protecting and advancing the rights and liberties of everyone; and that the legal process, for all of its faults, provides a civilized, peaceful and reasoned way of resolving disputes.

Yet, the legal process is under siege, even in Denver. At the DBA, I think we can have a positive impact on the system and our image by extending the reach of our Metro Volunteer Lawyers program, by providing increased professional support to DBA members, by mentoring less experienced lawyers to assume the responsibility of maintaining our system, and by continuing to encourage excellent lawyers to apply for positions on the Denver District and County Court benches. Being president of the DBA would be a high honor for me and, if elected, I will do what I can to defend and support the legal process and those who participate in it.

B.A. Univ. of Michigan, 1975; J.D. Suffolk Univ., 1980; Dir. Kennedy & Christopher, PC; Fellow, American College of Trial Lawyers; Second JD Nominating Committee; U.S. District Court of Colorado Committee on Conduct; DBA, CBA (Litigation Council, 1990-96, secretary, 1991-92, chair, 1993-94; Professional Liability Committee chair, 1991-93) and ABA; CWBA (director, 1984-85; VP 1988-89); CWBA Foundation (president, 1992-94; director, 1994-96); Faculty of Federal Advocates; C.D.L.A.


Scott S. Barker

Anyone who has practiced law in Denver during the past two decades knows the fundamental changes that have visited our practices at the hub of the Rocky Mountains in a surprisingly short time.

Many of these changes have pushed us toward being just another business, and put us at risk of losing the nobility of our profession. I am proud of the strong traditions of civility and public service that have marked the Denver Bar Association. I would be honored to serve you as we seek to preserve our heritage amidst the strong winds of change and to restore our stature in the eyes of the public to the level we deserve. It is up to the leadership of the bar to develop plans for shaping change in ways that honor our profession and serve our clients and the community well. In both my practice and my management role at Holland & Hart, I have always been a person who seeks advice on how best to accomplish a task and then gets the task accomplished. If you see fit to elect me, I will devote my "President Elect" year to developing concrete plans, based on input from you and the community at large, for implementation in my year as president.

B.S. U.S. Air Force Academy, 1970; MPhil Oxford Univ., 1973; J.D. Harvard Law School, 1981; Partner, Holland & Hart; Holland & Hart Management Committee chair; DBA Delegate to CBA Board of Governors, 1999-present; Denver Christian School Board president, 1986-89; American College of Trial Lawyers fellow; Colo. Bar Foundation; American Bar Foundation; Arraj Inn of Court member


Robert F. Hill

While we can and should take pride in the role the Denver Bar Association has played in the lives of its members and our community, particularly its distinguished record of public service, many challenges remain.

There is great strength in our diversity. But we need to work hard to assure that all of our diverse voices are heard both within the DBA and in the larger community.

We also need to proactively address a wide range of issues facing our profession and develop solutions that meet the needs of our members and our clients. These issues range from improving the professionalism and quality of life within the profession to developing responses to issues that are being thrust upon us by outside forces. And we must vigilantly defend the needs of an independent and high-quality judiciary.

If given the opportunity to lead the Denver Bar Association, I intend to focus my energies on confronting those challenges, while maintaining our proud tradition of professional service and volunteerism.

J.D. Univ. of Colorado; Hill & Robbins, P.C.; CBA Domestic Violence Steering Committee chair; CBA Media Committee co-chair; CBA Hoagland Award; USDC Committee on Conduct; Colorado Lawyers Committee chair (Lawyer of the Year); Boards: Project Safeguard Co-Founder; LARASA; Colorado Common Cause; Invest in Kids Co-Founder; and Ocean Journey; American College of Trial Lawyers fellow

First Vice President

Joe Dischinger
B.A. Univ. of Va., 1978; J.D. Univ. of Va., 1982; Practices environmental and water law at Grimshaw & Harring; DBA Judicial Admin.Comm. chair, 1991-94; Court Child Care Task Force chair, 1995-99; DBA Volunteer Lawyer of the Year, 1998; Exec. Comm., Colo. S. Ct. Comm. on Gender & Justice, 1996-pres.; Thompson Marsh Inn member, 1995-pres. (president, 2000-01)

Frederick Yu
A.B. Columbia Univ., 1969; M.A. Univ. of Michigan, 1970; J.D. Columbia Univ., 1973; Sherman & Howard, LLC, 2001; Yu Stromberg Cleveland, PC, 1979-2001; Assistant AG for Colo., 1976-78; Sherman & Howard, 1973-76; Colo. Supreme Court Board of Law Examiners, 1987-97; U.S. District Court Committee on Conduct, 1993-99; CBA Health Law Forum Committee chair, 1999-2000

Elizabeth McCann
B.A. Wittenberg Univ., 1971; J.D. Georgetown Univ., 1974; Law Clerk, U.S. Dist. Court of Colo., 1974-75; DA's Office, 1976-83; Cooper & Kelley, 1984-91; Denver Mgr. of Safety, 1991-94; Safe City Dir., 1994-95; Excise & Licences, 1995-99; Deputy AG, litigation, 1999-pres.; Bd. of Colo. Legal Aid, 1996-pres.; DBA Domestic Violence Task Force, 1996-pres.; CWBA Pres., 1985; CWBA Fdn. President, 1999-pres.; DBA VP, 1982 & 90; CBA Bd. of Gov. 1979-83, 90-91

Second Vice President

Alice Lim Rydberg
B.A. Stanford Univ., 1990; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1994; DU Law Review; DU Moot Court Board; Jacobs Chase Frick Kleinkopf & Kelley LLC, 1998-present; Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP, 1995-1998; Law Clerk, Colorado Court of Appeals Judge José D.L. Marquez; Member: CBA, DBA, Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Colorado, Rotary Club of Lower Downtown Denver

Scott LaBarre
B.A. St. John's Univ., 1990; J.D. Univ. of Minnesota, 1993; Solo Practitioner, LaBarre Law Offices, P.C.; DBA YLD treasurer; DBA representative to the CBA Board of Governors; ABA YLD Bar Leadership Team; National Association of Blind Lawyers president; National Federation of the Blind of Denver president

Kim Willoughby
B.A. Univ. of Colo., magna cum laude, Phi Betta Kappa, 1991; J.D. Univ. of Virginia, 1994; Willoughby Law Firm, LLC 1996-present; Law Clerk, Colo. Court of Appeals Judge Casebolt, 1996; Popham Haik associate, 1994-96; CBA Bd. of Governors, 1998-present; CLGBA Board, 1998-present; Thompson Marsh Inn of Court Executive Committee, 2000-present; CWBA Board, 1998-00; CBA Solo/Small Firm Section chair, 1999-00

Board of Trustees

JoAnn Vogt
B.A. Univ. of Nebraska, 1965; M.A. Univ. of Chicago, 1967; Ph.D. Univ. of Chicago, 1972; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1986; College German teacher, 1968-82; Private practice, 1987-1998; Colo. Court of Appeals judge, 1998-present; Legal Aid Society of Metro Denver former director and officer; CBA Judiciary Section; CBA Pro Bono Task Force; DBA; CWBA

L. Michael Brooks Jr.
B.A. Regis Univ., magna cum laude, 1992; J.D. Univ. of Denver College of Law, 1995; Law Clerk, Colo. Court of Appeals Judge Karen Metzger, 1995-96; Law Clerk, Hon. Sandra Rothenberg, 1996-97; Wells, Anderson & Race LLC associate, 1997-present; Colorado Supreme Court Committee on Public Education, 1993-present; Thompson G. Marsh Inns of Court member, 2000-present

Thomas Kanan
B.A. Univ. of Denver, 1969; J.D. Univ. of Colorado, 1980; Denver Social Services caseworker, 1971-77; Law Clerk, Chief Justice Rovira, 1980-81; Deputy D.A., First JD, 1981-84; Halaby & McCrea, 1985-91; Weinberger & Kanan P.C., 1991-present; CDLA; Admin. Adjudication GTCJR co-chair; CBA Workers' Compensation Section Bd., 1991-present; CBA Board of Gov., 1998-present; CCD Foundation Bd., 1998-present

Linnea ("Nea") Brown
B.A. Stanford Univ. (dept. honors, human biology), 1978; J.D. New York Univ., 1981 (special student at DU 1980-81); Holme Roberts & Owen LLP, 1981-present; CBA Litigation Section Council 1996-present (chair, 1998-99); Council Delegate to CBA Board of Governors, 1999-00; ABA Litigation Associate Editor, 1990-93

Laura Embleton
B.A. Univ. of Colo., 1985; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1991; CBA-CLE, 1998-pres.; DBA Community Concerns chair, 2000-pres.; DBA YLD Exec. Council chair, 1998-00, YLD Sec., 1996-97; Barristers Ball chair, 1998; Patron Table chair, 1997, 2000-01; Exec. Comm., 1999; Founder, chair, Celebration of Excellence, 1999-pres.; Bar Mart chair, 1998-00; Christmas in Jan., 1997-00; ABA YLD Affiliate Assistance Team, 1999-00

Elizabeth Weishaupl
B.A., B.M. Univ. of Denver, 1985-86; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1989; Law Clerk, Colo. Supreme Court Justice Kirshbaum, 1990; Long & Jaudon, 1990-94; Attorney General's Office, 1994-pres.; chair, co-chair, CBA Bill of Rights Committee, 1997-98; CWBA Board of Govs., 1999; Minoru Yasui and Marsh Inn of Court, 1992-pres.

Board of Governors Reps

Lucy Marsh
B.A. Smith College, 1963; J.D. Univ. of Michigan, 1966; DU College of Law Prof., 1973-present; Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver board member, 1983-93; DBA Barristers Benefit Ball Pro Bono Service Award, 1996; Title Standards Committee, 1988-1996; Colorado Real Estate Commission Commissioner, 1979-82; Denver District Attorney's Office, 1976-79

Ronald Litvak
B.S. Northwestern Univ., 1979; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1986; Litvak, Litvak, Mehrtens and Epstein, 1985-present; Amer. Acad. of Matrimonial Lawyers fellow secretary, 1996-present; CBA: Exec. Council, Family Law Section (Amicus committee); Member: ABA, CBA, DBA, 1987-present; Lecturer: Lawyers Public Info. Foundation, 1993-present; AAML (Colo. chapter), 1996-present; CBA/CLE, 1998-99; First JD Bar Assn., 95,96,98,99

Deborah Wilson
B.A. UCLA, 1987; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1993; Managing partner, Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius, 1997-present; Marquis & Aurbach, 1994-96; Law Clerk, Clark County District Court Judge J.C. Thompson, 1993-94; Barristers Ball co-chair, 2000; DBA/YLD: Exec. Council, 1997-01; Bar Mart co-chair, 1999-00; Annual Ethics Lunch chair, 1998-01; Law on the Mall chair, 1998-01; Day in Court & Law Suit Day, 2000-01

George "Skip" Gray III
A.A. Mesa Jr. College, 1965; B.A. Univ. of Denver, 1968; M.A. in education, Univ. of Denver, 1971; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1985; Holland & Hart, 1984-88; Gray, Jones, Hahn & Browne, PC, 1988-93; City Attorney's Office (Denver), 1994-present; Colo. Health Facilities Finance Authority member, 1991-2000; Sam Cary Bar Association member; CBA; DBA

David Miller
B.A. Duke Univ., 1973; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1977 (editor-in-chief, DU Law Review); Partner, Miller, Lane Killmer & Greisen, LLP, 1996-present; Colorado ACLU Legal Director, 1983-96; CBA Bill of Right Committee chair, 1984-94; DBA Liberty Bell Award, 1998; Colorado Anti-Defamation League Annual Civil Rights Award, 1994

Natalie Hanlon-Leh
B.S. University of Colorado, 1986; J.D. Harvard Law School, 1989; Law clerk, Judge John C. Porfilio, 1989-90; Faegre & Benson LLP partner, 1993-present; Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver, 1990-93; CWBA President, 1996-97, Board of Directors, 1994-97; CBA Internet Task Force and Internet Review Advisory Board, 1996-present

Jim Goh
B.A. Colorado College, 1988; J.D. Univ. of Kansas, 1991; Partner, Holland & Hart;Law clerk, Hon. Frank Theis, D. Kan., 1991-92; ABA Council on Racial & Ethnic Justice, 1999-present; Member of President Clinton's Lawyers for One America Initiative, 1999-2000; National Asian Pacific American Bar Association Executive Committee, 1997-99; Asian Pacific American Bar of Colorado; DBA; CBA

Larry Naves
B.A. University of Denver, 1968; J.D. University of Colorado, 1974; Denver District Court Judge, 1987-present; DBA Board of Trustees, 1992-95; Colorado Committee on Judicial Discipline, 2000-present; Colorado Supreme Court Committee on Civil Jury Instructions.

Barbara Kelley
J.D. Indiana University School of Law, cum laude, 1973; real estate, financing transactions, general business matters; former chair, DBA Professionalism Conciliation Panel; former adjunct member, Colorado Judicial Advisory Committee; Winter Park Recreational Association Board of Trustees member; National Sports Center for the Disabled Board of Trustees chair

Brian Popp
B.B.A. Accounting, Univ. of Texas, 1999; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1999; Griffiths, Tanoue & Light, 2000-present; Quade, Fontana & Bonin, 1999-2000; Thompson G. Marsh Inns of Court, 1998-present; Treasurer-Elect 2001; Assistant Treasurer 2000-01; Memberships: ABA; CBA; DBA; YLD; Faculty of Fed. Advocates; Former member: CTLA; SIDC; C.P.A.(inactive)

Christopher Hardaway
U.S. Military Academy at West Point, 1974-77; B.A. Colo. State Univ., 1987; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1993; Family law attorney, 1993-pres. (now with Quade, Fontana & Bonin PC); CBAExec. Council Family Law Section, 1998-pres.; Treas. Board of Governors, State IDC, 1999-pres.; Co-chair DBA Legal Services Comm.; DBA Public Legal Education Committee chair, 1998-2000; DBA Volunteer Lawyer of the Year, 1999

Dante James
B.A. Univ. of Central Arkansas, 1983; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1987; Mayor's Office of Contract Compliance director, 1999-present; DBA Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee member, 2000-present; Sam Cary Bar Association president, 2000-01; Attorney Regulation Hearing Board member, 1999-present; City and County of Denver Hearing Officer, 1994-99; White House National Advance Staff, 1993-98

Steve Briggs
B.A. Univ. of Michigan, 1970; J.D. Univ. of Colo., 1975; Law Clerk, U.S. District Court Chief Judge A. Arraj, 1975; Asst. Colo. AG, 1976-78; Hutchinson Black & Cook, 1976-92; Colo. Court of Appeals Judge, 1992-99; Judicial Arbiter Group, 2000-pres.; CBA: Vice President, 1992-93; Executive Council, 1990-93, 94-97; Boulder Bar Assn. Board of Governors, 1989-97; Budget Comm., 1997-99; ADR Forum Comm., 1994-pres.

Thomas Kelley
B.A. Amherst Col., 1969; J.D. DU, 1972; Van Cise, Freeman, Tooley & McClearn, 1972-74; Hall & Evans, 1974-80; Cooper & Kelley, PC, 1980-94; Faegre & Benson LLP, 1994-present; Libel Defense Resource Center Defense Counsel Section president emeritus; ABA Forum on Communications Law chair-elect; Colo. Freedom of Information Council president, 1997-present; Colo. Supreme Court Civil Jury Instructions Committee, 1994-present

James Walker
B.S. Colorado State Univ., 1982; J.D. University of Denver College of Law, Order of St. Ives, 1985; LL.M. (taxation) New York University, 1988; Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons LLP, 1988-present; CBA Tax Section chair, 1999-2000; Tax Tips Column Editor, 1995-99; Joint Transactional Professional Responsibility Group chair, 1997-99; American College of Tax Counsel fellow; American College of Trust and Estate Counsel fellow

Leslie Berkowitz
B.S. Univ. of Missouri with honors; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1973; The Berkowitz Firm, P.C., 1993-present; Berkowitz, Brady & Backus, 1973-1993; CBA Technology Law and Policy Comm. chair; Former Trustee Congregation Emanuel; Colorado Association Commerce and Industry; eCommerce Comm. chair; Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce member (former board member); Licensing Executives Society member; CBA; ABA; DBA

Robert Hawley
A.B. CU, 1943; J.D. Harvard, 1949; CBA State Speaker, 1952-58; DBA Topical Lunch Comm. chair, 1956; CBA Convention chair, 1975-79; CBA Mineral Law Sec., 1952-pres. (Chair, 79-80); Teen Ct., 1993-97; DBA Jud. Select. Comm., 1950-89; Court Reform, 1989-92; CBA Mock Trials, 1993-97; DBA Seniors Comm., 1996-pres. (chair, 96-00); MVL, 1999-pres.; Lifetime Achievement Award, 1993; Law Club Pres., 1958-59

Daniel Himelspach
B.S. SD School of Mines, 1970; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1976; Dispute Management, Inc., 1989-present; Law Day Committee chair, 1989-90; DBA ADR Committee chair 1992-93; CBA ADR Committee chair, 1994-95; DBA Credit Union director, 1986-94; CBA Board of Governors, 1995-97; DBA Awards Committee member, 2001.

Charles Garcia
B.B.A. Univ. of Wisconsin, 1973; J.D. Univ. of Denver, 1985; Deputy State Public Defender, 1985-present; DU Adjunct Professor of Law, 1994-present; CBA: Exec. Council, Criminal Law Section chair, Awards Committee, Mock Trial Committee co-chair; CBA Foundation Bar Fellow; Colo. Criminal Justice Committee, 1993-95; Colo. Hispanic Bar Association; National Drug Court Institute Panel; DOJ Consultant

Richard Holme
B.A. Williams College, 1963; J.D. Univ. of Colo., 1966; Partner, Davis Graham & Stubbs; DBA First VP, 1997-98; DBA Budget Comm. chair, 1997-98; DBA Board of Trustees, 1977-80; CBA/DBA Joint Management Committee, 1997-pres.; CBA Board of Governors, 1974-76, 85-87, 95-99; Colo. Sup. Ct. Grievance Comm., 1979-85; Colo. Sup. Ct. Civil Rights Rules Comm., 1994-present; CBA Litig. Sec. council member, 1982-84; Fellow, American College of Trial Lawyers

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