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June 2001
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Thanks Attorneys!

Metro Volunteer Lawyers thanks Fred Schrekinger for taking over a case when John Wilson passed away; Norm Campbell for supervising permanent orders hearings in Denver; and Ruth Buechler and Donald Parker for helping prepare Powers of Attorneys.

LawLine 9

Thanks to those who took calls at Lawline 9 on Wednesdays in April and May: Laura Tighe, Bonnie Roberts, Joe Davies, Craig Eley, Julio Zamagni, Tod Fitzke, Chad Hemmat, Steve Shapiro, Graden Jackson, Dan Cohen, Mark Chapleau, Megan Kelly, Heather Weckbaugh, Jim Carr, Mac McManus, Rob Zentner, Teresa Bruce, Brad Shefrin, Karen Leather, Bruce Bernstein, Karen Best, Beth Henson, Ida Betson, Susan Price, Kip Barrash, Katherine Karuschkat, Art Frazin, Judy Firestone, Kenzo Kawanabe, Ben Chin, Mandy Yick, Taya Powers, Kevin Bland, Bill Bromberg, Jim Aab, Phil Theune, Cynthia Treadwell-Miller, Lyle Boll, Anna Schofield, Renee Cooper, Scott Robinson, Becky Keil, Samuel Owen, Gretchen Eberhardt, Mark Masters, Claire Dineen, Steve Warden, Robert Sagrillo, Foster Families, Asian Pacific American Bar Association, David Steinhoff, Eric Nunemaker, David Tappeiner and Marcy Carroll.

Thanks to those who participated in clinics in April and May:
Ask-A-Lawyer: Mick Walker, Judy Smith and Britt Cobb.

Mock Trials

Space doesn’t permit listing all of the attorneys who helped organize, coach, score and judge the 2001 State Mock Trial Championships. Thanks especially to the coaches who gave countless hours to prepare their high school teams. Eighteen teams from around Colorado presented the most competitive tournament ever. The following members carried the lion’s share: Chris Little, Elsa Martinez-Tenreiro and Jim Carr.

Doing Your Own Divorce
Shana Bernstein
and Katherine Karuschkat.

Child Support Enforcement
Peggy Walker
and Barb Chamberlain

Custody Chris Hardaway

Bankruptcy Karen Galvin

Small Claims Kip Barrash

Estate Planning Melissa Sugar

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