Denver Bar Association
June 2001
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President's Message

Susan Smith Fisher bids farewell.

By the time you are reading this issue of The Docket, our new officers, trustees and Board of Governors representatives will have been elected. Please be sure to join us for the Annual DBA Party on June 13, to congratulate those newly elected and the winners of the DBA awards for 2001.

As I enter the final month of my term as president of the DBA, I am looking forward to what’s ahead, but also looking back at a productive, memorable and, yes, fun year. Your elected officers and trustees have shown an unprecedented level of commitment to the DBA this year. At the monthly Board of Trustees meetings— at 7:30 a.m.— they made the policy decisions that keep the programs and services of the DBA going and growing for our members and the community. But all of them have done much, much more than the jobs you elected them to do. They’ve participated in dozens of other committees and events. They staffed LawLine 9 in May. Most important, they’ve all taken the Trustees Pro Bono Challenge. For the lawyers, that meant representing an MVL client, and for the judges, it meant recruiting some lawyers to take an MVL case. Some of the officers and trustees have visited other bar associations to issue the Pro Bono Challenge. I congratulate and thank all of the officers and trustees for their hard work.

This month’s column is my last chance to invite you to take our Pro Bono Challenge, if you haven’t yet. Metro Volunteer Lawyers still has plenty of clients with all sorts of needs, waiting for a lawyer to help them. Did you know that the average MVL case only takes about five hours of a lawyer’s time? If you haven’t represented an MVL client before, call one of us, and we’ll tell you all about the process, the support and help we’ve received from other lawyers when needed, and how rewarding it has been to volunteer. Then contact Barb Chamberlain at MVL, (303) 866-9378 or, and tell her you’d like to take the Pro Bono Challenge. Remember, if you don’t do it now, you’ll have President Bill Walters nagging you starting next month!

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