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August 2001
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Soiled Dove? Dirty Bird is More Like It

Above the Dove has nice rooftop patio, tasty drinks.
By Docket staff

Our advice to you when visiting Above the Dove (aptly named for its proximity to the Soiled Dove) at 1943 Market, is to walk to the front door, put noseplugs on and then run up the stairs to the patio as fast as possible.

Why the extra gear? Well, the actual bar stinks, and that’s putting it lightly. We’re only saying this for your benefit and not to gross you out, but the place reeks of a strange mix of wet dog and sour beer. But the run up the stairs is worth it.

Above the Dove is known for its squishee-type frozen alcoholic drinks. Although some Docket members called them "girl drinks," the refreshing summer beverages are sure to cool you off and give you a headache the next morning.

The second of the two redeeming qualities of Above the Dove: the view of Coors Field and passersby from the second-story rooftop, where you sit and sip your squishee.

The names of the tart and tangy squishees we sampled say it all: 180 Octane, Hurricane and the not-so-fearsome Piña Colada. Let it be known, these drinks can be quite strong.

Beware to the beer snobs, you can get your Fat Tire at Above the Dove, but it will be served in a plastic cup. Perhaps the management’s rationale and safety laws point to the fact that if you’ve had too many, your glass could easily fall onto the post-game Rockies crowd.

We don’t suggest you waste your time eating there, because the bar food, which isn’t even good bar food, is lame. We sampled the two-headed coconut shrimp (don’t ask), which was light on coconut flavor and could easily be doctored up with tobasco. The spinach and artichoke dip tasted like it was made from powdered soup. The wings, which most of us know as a spicy and vinegary treat, were only barbecued with a boring BBQ sauce. One of our Docket members who has an odd aversion to hot sauce did like them.

Ahhh, but how easily this is forgotten after one or two squishee drinks.

After you’ve had a few drinks, you can also wander down to see some great local music. A blues band played the night we were there.

After you’ve left the bar, notice the plaque on the northeast side of the building, which marks the block of Market Street between 19th and 20th as Denver’s first and only "Red Light District."

This street was once known as Holladay Street and was home to brothels where ladies of the evening could "hone their skills" as the cleverly written sign states.

Beware: On Friday and Saturday nights especially after Rockies games, this place gets PACKED and becomes a bit of a meat market . . . (you may have already guessed that with the plastic cups and "girl drinks").

But if you want a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the sun after an especially excruciating day at work, Above the Dove might be a great place for a happy-hour stop.

If you have a bar that you’d like us to review because you’ve always wondered what it’s like or even because you are too scared to go in it during daylight hours, please e-mail with your suggestion.

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