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August 2001
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Thanks Attorneys!


Capitol Hill People’s Fair:

Kath Schoen, Anna Schofield, Teddi Miskulin, Barb Chamberlain, Glenda Gifford, Rick Hernandez, Debra Reed, Elsa Martinez-Tenreiro, Bryan Popp, Robert Smith, Pat Post, Philipp Theune, Rose Mary Zapor, Sharon Grossenbach, Debra Ehrenstrasser, Dawn Adeletti, Lori Roberts, Taya Powers, Chris Hardaway, Melissa Trollinger, Chuck Turner, Beth Mitchell, Amy Costello and Lis Schleu.

Metro Volunteer Lawyers:

Thanks to those attorneys who volunteered for Denver County Family Law Court in May: Lucy Denson, Adam DeVoe, Terry Kelly, Larry Leff, Stan Lipkin, Bill Litvak, Martin Plank, Kath Schoen, Michile Stark and Martha Tierney all helped to make permanent orders hearings run smoothly on May 22.

Senior Attorney in Residence:

Thanks to members of the Seniors Committee who take turns receiving calls from the public every Tuesday afternoon: Art Frazin, David Naiman, Larry Litvak, Jerry Snyder, Stuart Barr, Bill Bromberg and Tom Smart.

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