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May 2004
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It's Free, Fast, Fair-Use It

by Charles Welton, P.C.

We invite you to pump up our volume. Here at the DBA Legal Fee Arbitration Committee, we’re in the business of resolving fee disputes between lawyers and clients. Since we’ve added a semi-formal mediation step option to our process, many participants use it to resolve
disputes quickly. This leaves us room for more volume.

Our service is:





Usually the representation is over (but sometimes not!) when the fee dispute comes to us. Although the representation is over, the attorney’s fiduciary duty to the client continues. This can put well-intending counsel in the quandary of how to resolve the fee dispute within the fiduciary duty. Rule 1.5 of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct comes to the rescue. The Preamble to the Rules acknowledges that the nature of our business is fraught with conflicting responsibilities and "prescribes terms for resolving such conflicts." Rule 1.5 Comments that when faced with a dispute over fees, the lawyer should consider submitting the dispute to bar association procedures for arbitration or mediation. Here we are, and we do it well.

To begin the process, get more information or join the committee, contact our liaison at the Bar Association, Ms. Kari Brandt, at (303) 824-5340.


1 Free is free.

2 Deadline driven.

3 Fair and impartial panelists.

4 That’s it!

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