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November 2001
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Supporting New York

Supporting New York

Evan A. Davis, the president of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, wrote this response to DBA President Bill Walters’ letter of support
(published in the October issue of
The Docket).

The Association of the Bar of the City of New York

Office of the President


Dear Mr. Walters,

Thank you for your kind letter of Sept. 17, expressing sympathy and solidarity. I am enclosing, for your information, a copy of a message I sent to our members shortly after the tragic events of Sept. 11.

While I understand that you said no reply was required, I do want you to convey to your members our appreciation.

Evan A. Davis
President of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York



Dear Member of the Association of the Bar:

The goal of the terrorist is to confuse, disorient and weaken. As Mayor Giuliani has emphasized, we must do our best to frustrate this goal by bearing the unbearable and restoring as much of the structure of our daily life as we can as quickly as possible.

In our society, much of the basic structure is provided by law and by the judges and lawyers who use the law to promote business, public safety and the rights and welfare of all our people.

I am so proud of how the New York City Bar has responded to the current emergency. There has been an outpouring of offers of assistance from law firms, individual lawyers, legal institutions and organizations, from opening their offices to lawyers who need a place to work, to providing free legal service to people affected by the tragedy.

Our House and Library are open to any lawyer who needs a place to work, meet with clients or make cell phone calls. Lawyers who would like to volunteer their services and firms that have space available where displaced lawyers can work, should call us at (212) 382-6629. We are in the process of identifying specific ways that lawyer volunteers can be used. Those persons needing legal assistance should be referred to our Legal Referral Service at (212) 626-7373.

I want to extend the Association’s condolences to the friends and family of all who were lost. At another time, we will pay fuller tribute.

The Association, through its committees, will also lend whatever assistance it can to addressing the legal and policy issues our nation and the rest of the international community faces dealing with this tragedy and its aftermath.

I want to end by noting the messages of solidarity we have received on your behalf from bar associations and law societies in cities across our nation and around the world. We can repay their support by doing what we do best—setting the very best example of excellence including even excellence in denying evil its hoped for prize.


Evan A. Davis

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