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December 2001
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More Legal Web Sites


As submitted by our dear readers

“I enjoyed your list of Web sites in The Docket, but I was disappointed that you left out the most comprehensive one. There is a site that has every link that a lawyer could ever need for all 50 states. The site is It is the only legal site that I have bookmarked because it has all of the rest and is kept up to date.”
—Bruce Dewald

“Interesting sites in your recent article in The Docket. Thanks. The following site is a better source to check e-mail—free of charge. You can also use their sister site to check newsgroups.”
—Dennis Hanson

Here is another site we found: has a biographical database on all federal judges since 1789. You can search it by name or by characteristic (such as nominating president or gender). It also has a library of manuals and monographs on federal law and litigation —most available for download in Adobe Acrobat.

We would like to get more of your favorite Web sites and share them with the rest of our members. The sites can be law-related or anything that might be handy in navigating your own daily life. Please send your Web sites to

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