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December 2001
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Thanks Attorneys!


All of these nice attorneys volunteered their time at different bar association programs. Contact Dave Ells at (303) 824-5323 to join the gang:

Lawline 9 (every Wednesday from 4-6 p.m. at Channel 9): Bob Thomas, Kevin Bland, Joe Davies, Michael Sawyer, Craig Eley, Julio Zamagni, Kip Barrash, Chad Hemmat, Sue Weiske, Julie Anderson, Cynthia Treadwell-Miller, Elina Hindley, Jim Carr, Dianne Kueck, Heather Shore, Sharon Grossenbach, Leah Capritta, Steve Shapiro, Patricia Leighton, Lyle Boll, Peter Moore, Foster Families, Colorado Hispanic Bar Assoc., Taya Powers, Laura Tighe, Mac McManus, Bill Haring, Jim Aab, Daniel Murphy, Megan Kelly, Richard Sussman, Becky Keil, Mary Jeffers, Karen Leather, Dan Cohen, Heather Weckbaugh and the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center

Clinics (locations, days and times vary):

Doing Your Own Divorce: Fran Fontana and Katherine Karuschkat

Child Support Enforcement: Ida Betson, Peggy Walker, Barb Chamberlain and Fran Fontana

Bankruptcy: Karen Galvin

Small Claims: Kip Barrash

Estate Planning: Melissa Sugar

Mock Trial Case Review and Tailoring: Chris Little, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro, Matt Rita and Jim Carr

Senior Attorney in Residence Program (Tuesday afternoons. Participants are Senior Committee members, who are 65 years old or better.): Jack Greenwald, Marshall Quiat, Bob Inman, Stuart Barr, Tom Smart, Art Frazin and David Naiman

Metro Volunteer Lawyers (locations, days and times vary.) Call Barb Chamberlain to get involved, (303)866-9378.

Metro Volunteer Lawyers would like to extend a much deserved thank you to attorney Robert Montgomery for his assistance in the Faegre & Benson/Metro Volunteer Lawyers Post Decree Clinic in Denver County Court on Oct. 23. This was the clinic’s first meeting and Bob helped the day flow smoothly.

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