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January 2002
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Donations Are Just the Ticket.

by Molly Osberg


By Molly Osberg

It’s Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m.; you have Avs tickets for a 7 p.m. game but your appellate brief is due to the Supreme Court first thing in the morning. There’s no way you’ll make it to the game, even for the third period.

Sound familiar? Don’t let the unused tickets go to waste, even if they are free, corporate seats. Why not donate the tickets to non-profit organizations that know less fortunate people who would love a free night out?

The Colorado Bar Association and former CBA President Dale Harris have established a donate-a-ticket program to give sporting and cultural event tickets to metro-area non-profit organizations like Safehouse Denver, Families First, Mile High Youth Corp., Colorado Youth at Risk and many others.

"Basically, attorneys call with event tickets and we let everyone in the house know," said Michelle Goebel of Safehouse Denver, Inc. "There were times when they would donate 40 Rockies tickets. The whole house was excited and everyone got to go. It was just a great thing for mom and kids to do that was free and fun, and would get them out of the house and their minds off things for a while. It was probably the first game a lot of the kids had ever been to."

While some organizations like Safehouse use the tickets as gifts for their members, other organizations like Mile High Youth Corp. use the tickets in their incentive program for youth. Mile High Youth Corp. is an organization for at-risk youth who have run into problems at school or with the law. Three-month contracts are made with young adults, age 16-24, who are hired to do community projects like building fences, restoring houses, building trails and working at food banks. In addition to working, they are required to take GED courses.

"Tickets to sporting and other events are rewards for hard work," said Libby Ondov, a staff member at Mile High Youth Corp. "These tickets encourage participation, dedication and punctuality. This is a really special treat to these kids, many of whom are from poor families. The tickets are an incentive to stick with the program."

Safehouse Inc. and Mile High Youth Corp. are only two of the over-30 non-profit organizations that you or your firm can choose to donate tickets to. The organizations support anything from women and families, to at-risk teens, to AIDS patients.

"So often we take the privileges we have for granted," former CBA President Dale Harris said. "Donating unused tickets is not only a good way for lawyers to reach out to the community, but more importantly it gives a special afternoon or night out to someone who really deserves it."

If you have tickets to donate, for more information about this program or if you’d like the list of non-profit organizations the program benefits, contact Melissa Trollinger at the Colorado Bar Association at (303) 860-1115 or

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