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January 2002
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Take a Walk to the Streets of London


Get potted at this authentic English pub.

By The Docket staff

Editor’s note: This article will be more fun if read with a British accent. All British euphemisms and language were added with the help of Antony Noble, senior paralegal at Perkins Coie. (Antony is an English lawyer and is hoping the Colorado Supreme Court will let him take the bar exam here.)

"Blimey!" was what many of the astounded Docket members yelled after visiting The Streets of London Pub and supping their $2 draft ales during happy hour.

The Streets of London Pub, 1501 Colfax in Denver, is "a little taste of London on Capitol Hill," a brilliant place to go every day from 4-6 p.m. just to drink their splendid $2 draft beers.

And this price isn’t just for your boring domestics either: Caffrey’s, Guinness, Boddingtons, Newcastle Brown Ale, Blackthorne Cider, Stella Artois, Harp, Killians, Bass, Pabst and Coors Light (okay, maybe a few domestic beers) are all great out of the tap. Their other specials include well mixed drinks and Long Island Iced Tea for $2.

Attorney Sharon Plettner and her Brit-native husband and chef, Keith Winyard, own the bar. Plettner says "There are lots of Irish pubs around and since my husband is from England, he wanted to bring a small part of his home to America."

Another of the bar’s great qualities is the authentic English food. The Docket staff had beer-battered "bangers," Scottish sausages dipped in seasoned batter and lightly fried with gravy on the side. An order was only $5 and the servings were big. We also tried the fish and chips, perch fried in the pub’s own seasoned beer batter and served with English chips for $7.25 (this was a "proper meal," rather than a starter, which is reflected in the price.)

Both of these greasy favorites were "spot-on," albeit a bit heavy, but what could we expect—it’s English food.

The only down side we found to the Streets of London Pub is its location. On Colfax, it sits directly (don’t forget to pronounce it as DI-rectly, as in Princess Di) across from two tattoo parlors. While some may consider this rather spiffing, some of the 17th St. lawyers and the LoDo goers may find the place a bit dodgy. To those who think the location is beneath them, the committee says, "Get over it and tip the ale down your neck!"

Also a quick warning, the bar is smoky but tolerable if you get there on the early side.

Despite these few things, The Docket committee gives the place a jolly good all thumbs and pinkies up, if only for the marvelous beer specials and lovely food. Our service was superb and all the patrons were friendly chaps.

As one of The Streets of London’s ads reads, "A crapper of a day got you all pissy? . . . At least two hours of your day can be happy."

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