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January 2002
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Gadgets For Your Handheld

by Mel Reveles

These sites let you install applications for free.

By Mel Reveles
Director, CBA Internet Department

So you have a handheld, you’ve figured out all of its bells and whistles (see December 2000 Docket), and you’re feeling like the king or queen of palm technology. Well, don’t get too high and mighty on your throne yet—there’s still so much more you can learn!

Stop depriving your handheld. Help it be all it can be. Install, install, install! There are thousands of wonderful applications that will enhance the usefulness of your handheld. With everything from current news, stock quotes, checkbook balancing, restaurant and movie reviews (and movie times!), and even some great time-wasting games, these programs are one of the main reasons for the popularity of Palm OS handhelds. You can even use your handheld as a language translator, currency convertor or an e-book.

It’s hard to pick a few with so many to choose from, but here are some of my favorites. To find some of your own favorites, go to or

Download Web pages to your palm device. offers over 400 content channels for you to subscribe to including, "The New York Times," "The Wall Street Journal," "Bloomberg Personal," and Don’t sign-up for too many channels or your next HotSync could take awhile.

Download the latest reviews, as well as directions, to restaurants, movies and other happenings in a city. Great for your city or for traveling to another city. Automatically updates whenever you sync your Palm.

From this site you can download DiddleBug, an electronic yellow sticky-note application for your handheld. You can quickly scribble information directly on the screen; then set an alarm from a pop-up list. You can also insert lines, shapes and text into your messages. Lock your important reminders to protect them.

A replacement for the built-in applications launcher. You can separate your applications into folder-like tabs, and even create custom tabs. Each of these tabs has its very own settings that can be hidden.

Data input on your handheld just got easier with Jot! No need to memorize special symbols, character shapes or punctuation marks. And, you can use your entire screen for writing!

"Documents To Go" lets you transfer documents from your PC to your Palm device—and even retains your Word and Excel documents’ original formatting—so that you can view and edit them on the go. HotSync when you get to the office and your files are up-to-date on your desktop, back in their original format. You can even beam files to other Palm users, and your colleagues can view the docs even if they don’t have "Documents To Go," because the program beams a viewer application with the documents.

A world clock with advanced features that display an easy day/night plot on the screen. Time anywhere in the world can be estimated by referring to the day/night plot. There are four world clocks on the screen that display information in remote cities.

Are you a leftie? LeftHack is a hack that solves the problem of right-handed scroll bars by moving most of them over to the left edge of the screen and moves the up/down buttons in the pop-up keyboard and tips screens over to the left. You must have the software HackMaster for this application.

"Keyboard Hack" replaces the on screen keyboard with a single integrated keyboard. You must have HackMaster for this application.

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