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June 2002
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From this Valley They Say You Are Going1

by William E. Walters


“Parting is such sweet sorrow”—Romeo & Juliet, Act 2, Scene 3, William Shakespeare

“Bye bye, love” —Bye Bye, Love, Felice & Boudleaux Bryant

“All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.” —Leavin’ On a Jet Plane, John Denver

“But I’m sad to say, I’m on my way, won’t be back for many a day” —Jamaica Farewell, Erving Burgess

“Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back . . . no more, no more, no more, no more . . . ”
—Hit the Road Jack, by Percy Masfield performed by Ray Charles & the Raelettes

“They say that breakin’ up is hard to do” —Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do, Neil Sedaka

“Buh-dee, buh-dee, buh-dee . . . uhhh . . . that’s all folks! —Looney Tunes’ Porky Pig

So many feelings to try and capture as I prepare to say good-bye to elected office . . . so many experiences to remember . . . so many people to thank for their hard work and kindnesses . . . so many chicken dinners and 10 extra pounds to forget.

There will be an annual report for the DBA as well as articles in the Docket and postings on the website to capture what happened this past year.

What there may not be time for is to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to those I had the pleasure of working with this past year.

Thank you to each and every member of the Board of Trustees including our Past President Susan Fisher and President-Elect, Liz Starrs; the Young Lawyers Division and its chair, Dawn Adeletti; the DBA committee chairs and committee members; the members of the CBA Executive Council and Joint Management Committee; the members of the DBA’s Pro Bono Legal Services Task Force (and its chair, Stacy Carpenter and facilitator, Pat Kenney); to Craig, Julia, Eric and Linda who supported my absence from the office; and everyone else who made this year so memorable.

For those who have had the privilege of working on bar activities, you know that an enormous debt of gratitude is owed to the DBA staff: Chuck and Greg for their outstanding leadership (and keeping me from embarrassing myself); Dana for her incredible ability to get every job done (while matching my cynicism jab-for-jab); Diane, Karen & Molly for their public relations efforts and great photos; Mary for her creative marketing and membership efforts; Meredith, Tessa and Elisa for membership services; Mel, Heather and Amelia for making the Web site work and the Trustee listserv succeed; Michael for ensuring the legislature stays under control; Penny, Barb and Lenny for pointing me in the right direction; Sarah for keeping me on schedule; Janet for processing expense checks and making the budget balance; Melissa for finding all the right committee chairs; Reba for answering questions on law firm management; Dave’s always-ready sense of humor and willingness to make legal services happen; and Jo Ann for promoting and expanding the relationship between other bar associations and the DBA.

Most of all, a special thanks to my family Christy, Anna and Andrew.

For each DBA member who has read this far, I want to encourage you to find the time to work on a DBA project or other community service opportunity.

According to recent surveys of attorneys, the one thing we all seek is a reduction in stress levels. Many experts are finding that one of the best ways to relieve stress is by giving back to your community.

My parting words are to encourage each DBA member to find the road to less stress by taking a step toward service.

1Lyrics from "Red River Valley" are believed to have been written by James J. Kerrigan in 1896 under the title "In the Bright Mohawk Valley." However, the song is most likely a Canadian lament referring to the Red River that flows into Lake Winnepeg. In a prior article by this author, Andrew Blair, a senior partner at Sherman & Howard, pointed out an error in the lyrics to " Timin, " a rock and roll song. My apologies to the entire DBA. While I hope all of the lyrics cited above are accurate, I make no warranty concerning same.

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