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August 2002
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Legal Affairs


Dawn Adeletti, chair of the DBA Young Lawyers, was awarded the "Affiliate Leader Star of the Quarter" by the ABA Young Lawyers. Marvin Ventrell was awarded the ABA’s 2002 Child Advocacy Award.

Stephen M. Fischer of Sherman & Howard was given the Financial Executives International 2002 Distinguished Service Award.

Mary E. Ricketson has been appointed Dean of the University of Denver College of Law and University Professor on recommendation of the faculty. She was named Dean by interim appointment in July 2000. A University Professorship, previously held by former Senator Hank Brown, is currently held by former Gov. Richard Lamm.

The Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado elected new trustees: James Boyd, Thomas E. Carlock, Catherine A. Lemon, Sabrina C. Stavish and John Moye. Officers will be: Anne Castle, chair; William Bianco, vice chair; Elizabeth Steele, secretary and Michael Noyes, treasurer; David Jankowski, past chair.

New members of the board of director’s for COLTAF include Jonathan D. Asher, Danielle Z. Johnson, Robert J. Mack, Annita M. Menogan, Jon Robinson and Elizabeth J. Silva. James M. Rooney is the new Executive Director for Legal Aid Foundation and COLTAF.

Ann Kirwin, partner at Ireland, Stapleton, Pryor & Pascoe, received the Community Award from the Jefferson County Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa for her work as co-chair on the successful mill levy campaign for Jefferson County Public Schools.

Tony Ogden will join the National Association of Attorneys General in Washington, D.C., as the Litigation and Compliance Counsel for the Tobacco Project. Tony will leave his position as Assistant Attorney General in charge of Tobacco Settlement Enforcement at the Colorado Attorney General at the end of June and head to Washington D.C., the first week of July.

The Tobacco Project at NAAG coordinates the enforcement of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement on behalf of the United States.



Lenn A. Moldenhauer has joined Continuum Partners as in-house counsel. He was previously with Otten, Johnson, Robinson, Neff & Ragonetti.

Pendleton, Friedberg, Wilson & Hennessey recently hired: William J. Bourke, director/shareholder; L. Jay Labe and Edgar L. Neel as Special Counsel. All three were formerly with Clanahan, Tanner, Downing & Knowlton.

Jaudon & Avery is pleased to welcome Phillip B. Chupik to the firm, which has moved to 1660 Wynkoop Street, Suite 1010, Denver, 80202. Phone is (303) 832-1122.

Karen Leather Spaulding has joined Ritsema & Lyon as Of Counsel in the firm’s Denver Office.

William J. Leone is First Assistant U.S. Attorney. He had been a partner at Cooley Godward.

Krendl Krendl Sachnoff & Way welcomes David C. Cripe as a shareholder and Sonny W. Allison as an associate.

Holland & Hart announced this list of new associates: Gregory R. Clouser, Hamid M. Khan, Kris Anne Kumalt, Danika W. Marshall, Angelica Ochoa, and Michael W. Voss.


The firm of Miller, Lane, Killmer & Greisen is no more as of July 1. The new firm of Killmer and Lane began that same date. They will be located in the "appropriately named Oddfellows Hall" at 1543 Champa Street, Suite 400, Denver, 80202. Phone them at (303) 534-6400.

Moye, Giles, O’Keefe, Vermeire & Gorrell welcomes Langdon J. Jorgensen, formerly a partner with the Clanahan Tanner firm, as a special partner to the firm. Mary S. Poland joins as an associate.






Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons announces the addition of: Brian D. Fitzgerald, Gary P. LaPlante, Robert D. Hoehn (all Special Counsels) and associates Joel C. Fry and Jason M. Miller.

Dorsey & Whitney is joining forces with Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert in Silicon Valley. They will operate under the Dorsey name. Both firms have a large Intellectual Property practice.

Godfrey & Lapuyade welcomes associates David Krivit and Kathryn Burgy to its growing litigation team.

Joseph D. Bloch, P.C. is now Bloch & Chapleau.

Kennedy & Christopher announces Molly A. Walsh, Lars F. Bergstrom, and Ingrid Taylor Vinci have joined the firm as associates.

Dennis Graham, Ward Terry, Peter Moore, and Denis Clanahan have joined Krys Boyle Freedman et al. as partners; Jannine Mohr has joined as an associate; and Dick Downing and Dave Knowlton have joined as Of Counsel. The firm says, "With this large influx, the firm’s name has been changed to the somewhat imponderable name of Krys Boyle Freedman Graham Sawyer Terry & Moore."

Gregory W. Smith is general counsel at the Public Employees’ Retirement Association of Colorado.


Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons has unveiled a religious liberty archive at The site includes full texts and commentary of more than 230 U.S. Supreme Court opinions defining religious liberty in the U.S., scores of historical materials important to the framing of the First Amendment, important federal and state statutes, treatises, regularly updated reports on developments in religious liberty and more. It’s offered at no charge as a public service.



The Natural Resources Law Center at the University of Colorado recently appointed David Hayes, Sylvia Baca, Ken Hubbard and Lorna Babby to its advisory board. Associate Professor Allison Eid was appointed by President Bush to the Permanent Committee for the Oliver Wendell Holmes Devise. It administers funds given to the government by the late Justice Holmes, and prepares the history of the U.S. Supreme Court and sponsors the annual Oliver Wendell Holmes Lecture.

POTPOURRI: Paul M. Ray and Deanna L. Westfall have relocated their practice to 1801 Broadway, Suite 1100, Denver, 80202. Phone is (303) 292-0110.

HRO plans to establish an office "in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district."

Karsh, Fulton, Gabler & Joseph welcomes Rebecca R. Messall as an associate.

Cage Williams Abelman & Layden welcomes Lisa Monique Covington to the firm.

Yates & Leal relocated to the 20th floor, 700 Seventeenth St., Denver 80202, phone (303) 744-7911. The firm added Richard F. Janson as an associate.

Gablehouse & Epel is sad to announce the departure of Joshua Epel "to new opportunities at Duke Energy Field Services." The rest will continue with a new name: Gablehouse Calkins & Granberg.

Welborn Sullivan Meck & Tooley announces that Sheryl L. Howe has joined the firm.

Silver & DeBoskey announces that Stacia D. Kuhn (of counsel) and Robert R. Marsh (associate) have joined the firm.

Anthony J. Cicerelli, formerly of Hughes, Clikeman & Associates, is pleased to announce the opening of his new office: The Expo Building, 695 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 480, Denver, CO 80246. Phone is (303) 777-1221.

New firms:

Diane Carlton and David W. Heckenbach are now Heckenbach Carlton, 8375 S. Willow St., Third Floor, Lone Tree, CO 80124, phone (303) 858-8000. Sheila M. Gutterman and Suzanne Griffiths are now Gutterman & Griffiths, 10375 Park Meadows Drive, Suite 520, Lone Tree, CO 80124; phone, (303) 858-8090.

Kevin W. White is an associate at Underhill and Underhill.

Petrock & Fendel has a new address: 700 17th St., Ste. 1800, Denver, CO 80202; phone, (303) 534-0702. Bill L. Downey has joined that firm.

Jeffrey J. Scott announced his offices moved to: 1700 Broadway, Suite 1700, Denver, CO 80290. Phone is (303) 832-6500. He specializes in securities arbitration and litigation matters.


At the request of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the DBA and CBA Young Lawyers set up a hotline on June 24 to help people affected by Colorado fires. The calls go into a voicemail box, and are retrieved by the Communications Department, who then fax an intake form to one of 110 attorney volunteers. We’re all proud of this surge of attorneys willing to offer help—thank you!


Barb Chamberlain, director of Metro Volunteer Lawyers, who has been so faithful, energetic, serene in the face of frustration, and tremendously competent as a leader (plus she’s just so nice!), will be retiring at the end of August. Barb and her husband have children, and grandchildren, who live in far-flung places, and we suspect she’ll be travelling to see them. She came to MVL in 1995, has put in seven good years on a very tough job and will be sincerely missed.


Harold and Marilyn Meadoff died within one week of eachother in June. Harold graduated from CU and went on to practice real estate and business law. Harold mostly represented Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean immigrants, helping them buy businesses.

Marilyn Traub Meadoff graduated from D.U. She practiced law with Harold, and then with Legal Services. She helped start neighborhood legal services offices and worked there until 1999. She’s received the CWBA’s Mary Lathrop Award and the CBA’s Jacob Schaetzel Award. The Meadoffs were honored members of the DBA.

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