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September 2002
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Denver Bar Association 2001-2002 Annual Report

by Lindsay Packard

The Denver Bar Association is stronger and healthier than ever. Led by a dedicated group of volunteers and supported by an executive director and staff with unparalleled abilities, the DBA continues to grow and serve its membership. The good things continue to be done "right." Our membership stands at more than 7,000. The budget was balanced while new programs and benefits came "on line." Membership participation in the association continued to be the driving force as the DBA continued to serve its many constituencies—lawyers, judges and the metropolitan Denver community.

A major focus of this past year was a top-to-bottom review of the legal services programs supported by the Denver Bar Association. Although more than one-fourth of the DBA budget underwrites these important services, it had been some time since anyone had taken a critical look at the programs ranging from Metro Volunteer Lawyers (the old Thursday Night Bar) to family law clinics to MATCH to the People’s Fair. Under the leadership of Stacy Carpenter, a task force of over 20 people was assembled and spent the year studying and dissecting each of the legal services programs. By the end of the project, several programs were discontinued, some were re-designed and fresh directions were recommended for others.

The DBA Board of Trustees also took a hard look at the DBA’s governance model and concluded that the contested elections of past years no longer served our members. Past President Dave Furgason spearheaded a review and ultimate adoption of this year’s election process, which identified strong candidates committed to managing and improving the association.

In other areas of governance, Kim Willoughby, Second Vice-President, implemented a listserv for the Board of Trustees so that ideas could be discussed in the electronic realm. Descriptions of trustee duties and expectations were adopted, discussed and revised. Among the new responsibilities for trustees and officers is the obligation to act as liaisons to DBA committees and special projects.

At the risk of omitting some of the fine work of our volunteers and staff, here are few of the other highlights of this past year:

The introduction of a collection of writings by Denver lawyers and judges entitled Disturbing the Peace. This project included a book signing and reading at the Tattered Cover.

John Baker’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee expanded the scope of mediation services for attorneys to the entire metropolitan area.

Pat Kenney and friends expanded the Volunteer Court Mediation Project.

Wes Howard and Jim Carr created a partnership between the Public Education Committee and Denver Public Schools.

Bill Walters speaks to members at the 2002 DBA
Annual Party.

Alex Lagusch, executive director of the Columbus Bar Association, helped our planning process by taking a snap- shot of how well the DBA is accomplishing its goals.

MVL experienced an increase in the number of volunteer attorneys for the second year in a row.

Doug Foote lead a task force to propose changes to the Supreme Court for Multi-Jurisdictional Practice Rules.

The summer internship program was kept alive and well after previous sponsors dropped out. The DBA received the Outstanding Employer Award for the prior year.

The DBA adopted a resolution in support of child care facilities at courthouses throughout the state similar to the one currently provided by the Denver courts.

On the social scene, the golf tournament was sold out, the Barristers Ball was bigger and better than ever and the Seniors commiserated at a holiday banquet and a 50-year recognition ceremony

Tuesdays at the Bar continued to draw large crowds, and the concept was expanded to the morning "Coffee Talk" program for newer lawyers.

The DBA Web site was given an updated look and feel and further enhancements are underway.

In short, it was an exciting, challenging and satisfying year for each and every member of the DBA and the staff who serve us so well. President Liz Starrs will continue the tradition of trying to stay in front of the enthusiasm and energy of our membership. Carpe diem!

Bill Walters
DBA President,

Members wait in line for information at the 2002 Barristers Ball.
DBA members look over the choices during the YLD’s Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction last December. The event raised more than $5,000 for the Legal Aid Foundation.

The Docket

Mike Decker led The Docket committee to the conclusion of another successful year. Boisterous meetings, bag piping and bar reviewing were all a part of this year’s Docket volunteer duties.

The committee managed to fool a bunch of attorneys in its annual "April Fools" edition of The Docket. There are possibly a few attorneys out there think they are going to be observed everyday by court "professionalism observers."

The Docket Committee has some wonderful volunteers, but sometimes they get lonesome. They invite you to join them in writing interesting stories and essays or to just stop by for lunch.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee has, for the last several years, been meeting jointly with the CBA ADR Forum Committee. This marshaling of individuals and resources has proven to be beneficial for all involved as it has enhanced the ability for those interested in ADR to promote and cultivate support for the development of ADR related programs and educational initiatives both locally and statewide.

Currently, the DBA ADR committee is developing a mediation training program in conjunction with the CBA-CLE. This program will offer participants a 40-hour training in mediation and is scheduled to be offered in early 2003.

For more information about the DBA ADR committee, please contact Miles Davies by e-mail at: or at (303)733-2047


The Awards Committee, chaired by Craig Eley, selected the 2002 award winners for the DBA Annual Party, held on June 12 at the Denver Art Museum. The award winners were: Ed Kahn, Award of Merit; Leanne De Vos and Karen DuWaldt, Volunteer Lawyers of the Year; Jody Hobbs, Legal Assistant of the Year; Kevin Williams, Liberty Bell Award; Dawn Adeletti, Young Lawyer of the Year; Warren Martin, Judicial Excellence Award; Susan Troeger, Teacher of the Year; and Tammy Dreiling, Peace Officer of the Year..

Barristers Benefit Ball

It was "A Capital Evening" on April 27 at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center. The committee, co-chaired by DBA President Elizabeth Starrs and Laura Embleton, worked hard to make the DBA’s 14th Annual Barristers Benefit Ball a huge success. More than 750 attorneys and friends of the legal community attended that evening. This year the ball raised more than $101,000 for Metro Volunteer Lawyers. Every year, select attorneys are honored at the ball for their extraordinary efforts and dedication to MVL and pro bono legal services. This year’s honorees were Randall Arp, Susan Smith Fisher, Patricia Fredrick and Eric Liebman. Faegre & Benson was the "Law Firm of the Year." Thank you to everyone who helped make this evening possible, especially LexisNexis, who was the benefactor of the 2002 Ball.


DBA-CLE is the non-profit educational arm of the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations. Designed to meet the needs of Colorado lawyers, DBA-CLE presents approximately 75 live programs each year on a wide variety of topics, in various locations throughout Colorado. Many of the programs are co-sponsored by the sections and standing committees of the Denver Bar Association. Programs vary in length from half-day to multi-day annual symposiums and institutes, and most are videotaped for replay at locations throughout the state. CLE also publishes over 25 handbooks and practice manuals in various areas of the law. These publications are written by practicing attorneys and sitting judges, and are edited and cite-checked by experienced legal editors. DBA-CLE has developed an enhanced electronic and Web presence, including plans for distance education via online CLE programs and a searchable CLE information database. Please visit for more information.

Community Concerns Committee members Karen Spalding,
Kathy Bogannam, Lisa Williams and Tom Kim donated
their time to the annual “Roll Out the Barrels” food drive.
Members of the Board of Trustees field legal questions during Lawline9.

Community Concerns

This committee, chaired by Tom Kim, held another successful "Roll Out the Barrels"food drive in March. Over 4,700 pounds of food and $2,870 in cash donations were raised in this year’s drive. The committee has revamped their monthly Docket column to provide members with volunteer opportunities in legal services or community work. A school supply drive, lawyer’s fun run and another "Roll Out the Barrels" are set for next year.

Educational Luncheon Coordinating

The Educational Luncheon Coordinating Committee, chaired by Craig Eley, had another successful year with its "Tuesdays at the Bar" programs. These weekly workshops are designed for members, and cover hot legal topics. The workshops are at noon and are a great way to get CLE credits and lunch. In addition, they allow members to see their bar association as a place to network and learn. Some of the programs offered were: "Truth, Lies and Private Eyes," "What Litigators Should Know About Rule 16,""Effective Writing for Attorneys," and "Federal Court Update." The DBA will continue to host "Tuesdays at the Bar" in the upcoming year.

Judicial Administration

The Judicial Administration Committee seeks to create enhanced ways for members of the bar to communicate with members of the bench. One way is through planning the Bench-Bar Retreat, which will be held Oct. 26 at the Inverness Hotel The topic of this year’s program is "TV Law:Fact or Fiction." Judges and lawyers attend this informal gathering to share ideas and network. The subcommittee in charge of the program is headed by Mary Beth Sobel. The committee also coordinates with the DBA Awards Committee in submitting nominees for the Judicial Excellence Award.


Legal Fee Arbitration

In the past year, the DBA Legal Fee Arbitration Committee adopted procedures designed to improve the efficiency of the free arbitration services offered by the committee. The committee instituted mandatory mediation as part of its services; the mediator and the arbitrator are appointed simultaneously after participants submit the case. The mediation must take place within 30 days after the appointment, while the arbitration, if needed, takes place within 90 days after the appointment.

Mediators who volunteer on the committee are professional mediators in their daily practice. Their services, like those of the volunteer arbitrators, are offered for free to participants in the fee arbitration process. Last calender year, the mediators resolved approximately 95 percent of all cases prior to hearing. The committee welcomes any new members who wish to participate. For more information, contact Diane Vaksdal Smith at (303) 792-5595 or e-mail her at:

Legal Services

This committee was co-chaired by Marte and Jeff Timmers. The Legal Services Committee’s charter was revamped in 2000 as a result of organizational changes adopted by the DBA Board of Trustees.

So far, the plan has resulted in the following changes: The MATCH Program and Senior Attorney in Residence Program have been discontinued (a replacement for the MATCH program will be evaluated), additional clinics will be proposed to the local and federal courts to be presented in the courthouse at noon (e.g., Small Claims, Collections, and Bankruptcy clinics), and new ask-a-lawyer/legal advice programs using the successful El Centro Bienestar program as a model will be evaluated for other cultural centers and populations. New marketing plans will be developed for the clinics to increase public visibility as well as attendance.

Clinics and Programs: Legal information clinics for pro se litigants continue in two Denver Community School locations. Lawline 9 at KUSA-TV Channel 9 continues to be the most popular program in terms of both services provided (about 150 calls each Wednesday night) and volunteers. Approximately 150 Denver attorneys support the program throughout the year. KCNC Channel 4 asked the DBA to return to their Help Center with monthly programs, which have been very successful. In addition, 26 attorneys staffed a booth at the 2002 Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods annual People’s Fair the first weekend in June.

Members try their hand at blackjack at the 2002 Barrister’s Benefit Ball.
DBA Executive Director Chuck Turner presents a check to the Diversity in the Legal Profession Committee.

Membership & Marketing

The Membership and Marketing Department had a busy year, supporting yearly DBA events and programs, while also launching some new ones.

The Colorado Legal Directory continues to be a successful project for the DBA and is free to members. The directory is a source of revenue, and the legal community continues to comment on its value and quality.

Together with the CBA, DBA Membership Services organized the Fall 2001 and Spring 2002 Admission Ceremonies held at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. New attorneys celebrated passing the bar exam at receptions prior to the ceremonies with bar association leaders, friends and family in attendance. More than 500 new attorneys in fall 2001, and 250 attorneys in spring 2002, were admitted to practice in Colorado.

One of the goals of the Membership Department is to partner with law schools and students, to provide mentoring and networking opportunities. The DBA co-sponsors the University of Denver "Fall New Student Orientation." DBA staff has a chance to meet with new students, answer questions and provide direction.

The DBA hosted the 2001 Fall Soiree and Bar Mart at Maggiano’s in downtown Denver. Attendees had the opportunity to network, socialize and learn about the DBA. Valuable volunteers were honored at the soiree and were serenaded by Denver Law Club members, with their legal renditions of popular tunes.

In December, the DBA Membership Department supported the DBA YLD Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction by providing great silent auction items. The auction raised approximately $5,000 for the Legal Aid Foundation.

Membership also worked with the DBA and CBA YLD to help raise money for the American Bar Association Annual YLD Spring Meeting in May. The meeting was a great success, with attendance-breaking records.

A new Denver Bar Association CLE Program was launched in March 2002 and is geared toward Young Lawyers. The format of the program is interactive and attendees can ask questions throughout the programs."Coffee Talk" is held at the bar offices one morning a month and has seen much success in its first year. The programs let newer attorneys learn from tenured attorneys in a variety of specialities. The first topic in the series was "How to Avoid Common Ethical Mistakes for Newer Attorneys."

The DBA Marketing Department is also responsible for selling advertising in The Docket; advertising revenue remained steady this year. To make The Docket a more vibrant publication, a four-color section was added a few years ago. The four-color advertising revenue helps offset the cost of color sections.

This spring, the DBA offered another benefit to members with a free week at the Denver Athletic Club for DBA members. In addition, discounts to the club are available to members throughout the year.

Membership numbers in the Denver Bar Association increased slightly over last year, to 7,126.

Metro Volunteer Lawyers

Metro Volunteer Lawyers has provided 36 years of pro bono service as "MVL" and the Thursday Night Bar Program. MVL’s staff includes Heather Richmond, administrative assistant; Patricia Trujillo, legal services coordinator; Pamela Faris, legal services coordinator; and Barbara Chamberlain, attorney/director. who retired in late August. This year MVL also welcomed the services of Lend-A-Lawyers Russell Wasley and Stuart Sargeat.

This year, approximately:

• 2,659 low-income clients were referred to MVL through the intake system shared with Colorado Legal Services, formerly the Legal Aid Society of Metropolitan Denver

• 1,668 clients were referred by MVL to 481 attorneys

• 236 cases were concluded through the Family Law Court Programs in Denver, Adams, Arapahoe and Jefferson Counties

MVL provides civil legal assistance to clients throughout the Denver metropolitan area. Almost half of its funding comes from the DBA-sponsored Barristers Benefit Ball, with the remainder from COLTAF, individual contributions, and per capita contributions from its sponsoring bar associations: Adams, Arapahoe, Denver Douglas/Elbert and First Judicial District.

Members talk shop at the DBA Bart Mart Soiree in December.
Public Legal Education Director Dave Ells passes out a raffle prize to a member during the annual Bar Mart Soiree in December.


The DBA Professionalism Committee’s goals are:

1. To raise the practicing lawyer’s awareness of the need for analysis of professionalism issues they encounter;

2. To raise awareness of the existence of professionalism standards and principles;

3. To provide options for resolution of professionalism issues and conflicts that have resulted in unprofessional behavior; and

4. To provide professional role models.

The committee has a number of subcommittees that are active in pursuing these goals. During 2002, the most active of the subcommittees was the:

• Speakers Bureau and the Conciliation Panel: The focus of the Speakers Bureau is to make presentations on the DBA Principles of Professionalism. During 2001, the committee made presentations to the DU School of Law, internship program; DBA Tuesdays at the Bar; and to other audiences throughout the metro area. The presentations are generally one hour and attendees earn one CLE ethics credit. To attend a presentation, or to arrange for a presentation for your group, contact Alan Anderson (303) 623-9000 or Sherri Heckel-Kuhlmann (303) 861-7000, committee co-chairs.


Public Legal Education

This committee works with the Director of PLE, Dave Ells, and was co-chaired by Jim Carr and Wes Howard. The committee’s name was changed in June 2002 as a result of the charter change in 2000 by the DBA Board of Trustees to focus on law-related education. Responsibility for legal information programs (clinics, call-a-lawyer programs, etc.) was transferred to the DBA Legal Services Committee.

Mock Trials—Only one Denver public high school (John F. Kennedy High School) competed in the Arapahoe/Denver Regional Mock Trial Competition in February. The JFK team was formed five years ago by a student and is now coached by Susan Troeger, the DBA’s Teacher of the Year for 2002. Denver attorneys were involved in coaching the JFK team and other teams in the metropolitan area. Several committee members supported the coordination of the Denver regional and state tournaments and many judges and attorney volunteers judged trial rounds at the regional and state tournaments. Members of the committee support the CBA Law Education Committee and Mock Trial Subcommittee in the selection and preparation of the annual case.

Products—The committee continues to assist the CBA Law Education Committee with the "Survivor’s Guide (So You’re 18 Now—A Survival Guide for Young Adults)" and "The Law in Colorado," which is an addendum to "Street Law—A Course in Practical Law."

School Programs—More than 125 DBA members volunteered to support a new partnership program with the Denver Public Schools. DPS selected 13 middle schools and seven high schools for the pilot program. A January kickoff included the new DPS superintendent, vice-superintendent, manager of curriculum, more than 50 teachers and nearly 75 attorneys. The intent of the program is to create a partnership between the DBA and DPS that would provide law-related education assistance to classroom teachers. The public Legal Education Department and volunteer attorneys supported law-related education programs, career days, and court tours on request from teachers across the metro area. Law-related educational materials in the form of Constitutional/Bill of Rights curricula, mock trials, and practical law are available to any educator or DBA member. The Colorado addendum is also available on the CBA Web site at

Seniors Committe Chair Bob Fullerton addresses the
committee during their Holiday Party last December.
Manuel Ramos reads an excerpt from “Disturbing the Peace,” at the Tattered Cover Book Store. The book is a collection of writings by Denver lawyers and judges.


Members "65 or better" constitute the Seniors Committee, chaired by Bob Fullerton. The committee held four events this past year.

The Seniors Golf Tournament was held July 25, 2001, at Mira Vista Golf Course, under the direction of Jim Bayer. Twenty attendees had a very enjoyable afternoon on the golf course.

The Senior Roast was Oct. 24, 2001, when former Seniors Chairman Bob Hawley was roasted by Brooke Wunnicke, who practiced law in Wyoming at the same time that Bob was working in Wyoming. Bob’s daughter, Laurie, gave the inside scoop on dad while 40 admirers watched Bob squirm.

The holiday party was Dec. 12, 2001, at the DBA offices, where 25 seniors enjoyed a buffet lunch and participated in a quiz about the "good old days."

The Seniors Spring Banquet was held May 22, 2002, at the University Club, where 18 seniors admitted to practice 50 years ago were extolled by DBA President Bill Walters. They were presented with an Olympic style medal, hung from their necks to be worn at future functions. About 70 people honored them.


The 2002 Annual Henry Hall Memorial Golf Tournament had its best year ever, with a sold-out group of 115 golfers taking on the course at Inverness Golf Club. The tournament was a best ball format with individual and team awards. The committee recruited sponsors and many door prizes to help offset the cost of the tournament and attract players.

The committee will begin planning the 2003 tournament soon, and will choose a new course for variety. The tournament is typically held at a private course that is otherwise not available to most players.

This upcoming year the committee will broaden its activities to other sporting events, as we have done in the past, by administering the Lawyer’s Basketball League. The league typically has over 40 teams in four to five divisions, playing from late November to early March. The Lawyer’ Football League will begin its 34th season in September. The league is run by Judge Alfred Harrell.

The Committee will be tri-chaired this year by Rob Hooke, Todd Jansen and Richard Strauss.

Summer Intern

Whitney Traylor and Theresa Gordon have chaired the Summer Intern Committee since 2001. The program is allied with the Denver Metro Chamber Foundation’s Youth At Work Program, which places 250 Denver-area youth in their first professional business position each summer. The Summer Intern Committee recruits law firms to participate in the program each summer. In 2001, 20 students were placed in summer positions. Employers included the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, local firms and the DBA. Each student receives nearly 50 hours of training prior to beginning their summer job in order to transition them from being a student to being a professional employee. The students are closely supervised and mentored over their eight-week position and many are retained in part-time positions after school begins (as many as 40 percent are retained some years). Many students who did not aspire to further their education beyond high school enroll in a university setting as a result of their summer experiences. (Although the Youth At Work Program did not place students in 2002, the DBA Board of Trustees allowed the Summer Interns to continue in 2002.) Ten students from last summer (2001) were available, and were placed in courts, firms and the DBA for the summer, continuing this program for it’s ninth year.

Newly improved and updated, members can surf the DBA Web site or get answers to specific questions. The Legal Resource Directory as well as articles and photos from The Docket are available on the site. It’s easy to keep bar association events in order by putting the joint CBA/DBA calendar online with links to meeting notices. Under the "Public Interest" section, information can be found about DBA sponsored clinics, the small claims handbook, the child support handbook and other educational materials. Find out more about Metro Volunteer Lawyers (MVL) and the Family Law Court Program. Also on the site are the DBA policies and procedures, DBA governance and committee information.

YLD Members (from left) Janet Drake and Meghan Brynhildsen give out free legal information during YLD “Law on the Mall.”
Members of YLD pose with Santa after their annual “Christmas in January,” a program that provides a party and presents to foster kids.

Young Lawyers Division

The Young Lawyers Division of the Denver Bar Association (YLD), chaired by Dawn Adeletti, continued the work that was started by the YLD in past years.

YLD sponsored Law Explorers, an explorer post for the Boy Scouts of America. Members enjoyed YLD happy hours at various bars downtown, which also served as collection points for charity donations for YLD events.

The year started off in fine fashion with the third annual Law Suit Day. During this event, Denver Lawyers contributed gently-used professional clothing, which was donated to charities that provide clothing for job interviews. The YL:D continued ‘the traditions of the Bar Mart Soiree and Court Orientation. Bar Mart welcomed new and old members with a great party and information about the many DBA committees. Court Orientation provided new members with information on the ins and outs of the Denver courts, as presented by local judges.

YLD also provided the public with access to legal resources and information during Law on the Mall, an annual event on the 16th Street Mall during Law Day/Law Week.

The American Bar Association Young Lawyers Regional Meeting, hosted by YLD, drew a record-breaking number of lawyers. The meeting offered "Day in Court," an orientation program to the courthouse and its procedures, and an annual lunch with speaker Attorney General Ken Salazar.

YLD again demonstrated its commitment to the community and the future by putting on two events for foster children: "Christmas in January" and "Celebration of Excellence." Christmas in January is a party for foster children 12 and under that includes presents, pizza, candy, games and a chance to get a picture with Santa Claus. The children are given presents donated by the community and include at least one book, one sports item and one video. This year the event gained even more recognition as it was attended by two of the local news stations and over 300 children. The Celebration of Excellence treated foster children graduating from high school or college to a party and some much needed encouragement. The children also received gift bags that included some critical items for school.


The Communications Department sometimes seems like busybodies—getting involved in most things that are happening at the DBA. The department helps with publicity, if that is needed.

For instance, when wild fires broke out across the state, lawyers wanted to help. As requested by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and working with the DBA and CBA Young Lawyers, a hot line was set up at the office so that those affected by the fire could call. Approximately 120 lawyer volunteered to take questions. TV stations publicized the hotline number from press releases the department wrote and sent all around the state. The department sent out fire-related questions and answers as newspaper columns (one appears in The Denver Post).

When any of the DBA committees or projects need help with publicity (Barristers Benefit Ball, Bench-Bar Retreat, Young Lawyers, Seniors, Community Concerns, the Mock Trial competition, Awards, etc.), the Communications Department wants to be there.

The department is available for brainstorming (need a name for a new program?), writing press releases, shooting photos, garnering support. One of its main goals is to get correct legal information into Denver newspapers. The department needs good lawyer sources—people that reporters can call and know that their calls will be answered, in plain English, with good information. Please call Diane Hartman and get added to the list.

The department sponsors "Working with the Media" sessions monthly in the fall to help lawyers in their dealings with the press—what to say, when and how to say it.

When Molly Osberg moved on to be Director of Communications with the Colorado Dental Association, Lindsay Packard came on board. She’s enthusiastic and talented—please introduce yourself when in the office. Karen Bries is now assistant director of the department.

Please watch what’s being said about lawyers, the system, judges, etc. in the media. When there are mistakes or unjust criticism, the association should respond. As an individual lawyer, consider writing letters, e-mailing or making a phone call, and let them know lawyers are reading what they write. Make the response gentle and instructive—you might learn something and/or develop a productive working relationship.


The Denver Bar Association finished the 2001-2002 fiscal year with income exceeding expenses. This was the first year after the dues were increased. There has been a small surplus with the exception of one year out of the last eight years. The association continues to provide the programs and activities that the members use and support. The new membership and accounting software, and the additional computer servers and workstations have increased our efficiency and make information more accessible.

The bar association is still in an excellent financial position, with adequate reserves to allow it to plan for the needs of members in the future. The Budget and Planning Committee will continue to work with the Board of Trustees to plan and budget for the future. A complete audit will be available at the bar offices after October 1, 2002. The following page outlines the financial figures in greater detail.

Assets 2001 2002*
Cash and cash equivalents 855,623 720,103
Certificates of deposit 53,000 53,000
Dues from the CBA   221,624
Accounts receivable
Denver Bar Foundation
Accounts receivable (other) 17,256 17,544
Prepaid expenses 27,908 37,667
Property net of depreciation 84,361 66,084
Cash restricted for Preston Penny Fund 0  
Funds held (retirement benefits) 31,209 29,417
Deposits 4,544 4,544
Total Assets 1,073,891 1,149,983
Liabilities and Membership Equity
Accounts payable other 0 0
Due to CBA 55,318 0
Due to Denver Bar Foundation 0 0
Accrued compensation 28,371 30,818
Accrued retirement benefits 26,808 24,996
Deferred dues revenue 229,518 320,005
Accrued sales and property taxes 0 0
Accrued income taxes 0 0
Total Liabilities 340,015 375,818
Membership Equity
Unrestricted 731,376 774,165
Restricted for special projects 2,500 0
Total Equity 733,876 774,165
Total Liabilities and
Membership Equity
1,073,891 1,149,983
Dues 638,308 730,390
Member programs 36,008 32,390
Metro Volunteer Lawyers/TNB 176,958 185,524
Misc. Income 106,594 79,909
Total Revenues 957,868 1,028,213
Programs, committees, depts. 323,156 313,918
Metro Volunteer Lawyers/TNB 205,284 216,569
G&A human resources 219,564 222,641
Building, equipment, operations 202,562 205,083
Governance and meetings 12,474 27,213
Total Expenses 963,040 985,424
Surplus (deficit) -5,172 42,789
*2002 figures are unaudited



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