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September 2002
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Locks of Love


A TV program last summer and a courageous declaration to her firm was the driving force behind Julie Tolleson’s run-in with the newest stylist in town, DBA President Liz Starrs. Tolleson’s hair, which had been growing for a year, was donated to "Locks of Love," an organization that provides hair pieces for disadvantaged children with medical conditions (such as cancer) that cause hair loss.

DBA President Liz Starrs chops Julie Tolleson’s hair for
charity. Find more information about it at or call (888) 896-1588.

"I saw a TV piece about ‘Locks of Love’ last summer, and was so touched by the broadcast that I immediately announced to the office that I would be growing my hair to donate. I am also a supporter of Children’s Hospital and was raising money this summer in connection with riding their "Courage Classic" bike tour. So, I combined the two causes into one "hairy happy hour" celebration."

Tolleson raised over $2,000 at Kennedy & Christopher. The top contributor, who turned out to be Liz Starrs, was given the honor of cutting Tolleson’s hair for "Locks of Love" at the happy hour celebration.

Starrs remarked, "Julie is an incredible attorney and person who is very involved in charitable causes. It’s wonderful to see a person doing so much for her community."

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