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November 2002
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When Life Gives You Lemons, Go to Lime


Trendy Larimer Square restaurant/bar makes a mean margarita, excellent chips, salsa

By Docket staff

Round about a month ago, a few adventurous members of The Docket Committee ventured below the belly of Larimer St. in search of the next Docket Bar Review. What was excavated was Lime, a trendy Lo-Do bar and restaurant that desperately wants to be located somewhere in the belly of Lower Manhattan.

After descending the stairs that led to the entryway of Lime, we were greeted by at least ten staff members, all in black, looking for something to do. At first, the lack of patrons gave us pause, but after realizing that there is no such thing as happy hour at Lime (it was 5:30 p.m.) and after taking a look at the interesting but pricey (for happy hour) drink menu, we began to understand why the place wasn’t exactly packed. We had our choice of seating arrangements, and a gracious waitress allowed us Docket buffoons to have our own private room.


Hensley (left) congratulates driver Scott Gaylord on setting the
fast time in his qualifying run and setting the pole position
for the start of the race.

We were presented with a drink menu that was as eclectic as it was long—a plethora of margaritas, tequilas, wines and sangrias graced the menu pages. One adventurous Docket member headed straight for the Lime "Mighty" Margarita that was described as, "One is all you need," while others tried various other fruity margaritas such as melon and peach. No one was brave enough (it was a Wednes-day night) to tackle the long list of imported tequilas, but there was plenty of margarita to go around.

Happy Hour would not truly be a "happy" affair if there were not the inclusion of some sort of calorie-laden appetizer to appease the stomach. Lime did not disappoint.

In an effort to gain a broad sense of the varied appetizers that Lime offered, the committee ordered something called "The Works," which consisted of steamed edamame (a fancy word for spiced soy beans), nachos, flautas, queso-frijole dip and guacamole. Since we were ravenous after a few rounds of flavored margarita, "The Works" really managed to get the job done. The interesting food, paired with the delicious deep-fried and tastily seasoned homemade chips and salsa already ordered, hinted to the committee that Lime, in all its haughtiness, knew its way around a kitchen.

One of Lime’s most appealing attri-butes of the evening was the hollowed-out lime that was delivered to the table before dinner. The lime was filled with excellent tequila and served to us in the tradition of the Agave Tribe from Mexico, in hopes that the drink will be consumed as a toast to the gods and goddesses for bringing the tribe safety, health and prosperity. While no Docket member can attest to having increased good health or karma, a little free tequila certainly made us feel better about spending ten dollars on a margarita.

Despite the overly trendy atmosphere, aloof staff and the lack of a happy hour menu, Lime wasn’t exactly the lemon we thought it would be. An interesting food menu, paired with tasty drinks, helped to make Lime a place where the Docket Committee might actually travel back to—once everyone locates enough trendy black clothing.

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