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November 2002
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When drinking isn't enough anymore.

by David S. Woodruff


This article is reprinted from the DBA YLD report, September 2002 edition. The e-newsletter is automatically e-mailed to those DBA members who are age 37 or younger.

Alcohol? Is that what the Young Lawyers Division is all about? Drinking? Happy Hours? Social events?

Now that I think about it, there are YLD events that don’t include a single drop of alcohol. YLD puts on the Court Orientation each fall, giving new admittees the opportunity to meet Denver judges and learn the workings of the Denver courts. Alcohol might make the event more popular with the judges, but so far, we’ve never had it. We also put on the "Coffee Talk" CLE breakfasts the fourth Wednesday of each month. No alcohol at those. And we’ve never had alcohol at "Law Suit Days," two days each October where YLD members sit on the courthouse steps and accept donated used suits from lawyers. Last year, we collected hundreds of suits to give to charity, but there was not a single drop of alcohol involved.

There’s also "Law on the Mall," a week-long event involving dozens of Young Lawyers who volunteer their time to give free legal advice on the 16th Street Mall. Last year, hundreds and hundreds of people lined up to talk to a free lawyer. None of the alcohol I smelled was on the breaths of the Young Lawyers, though.

Then there’s the famous "Christmas in January," a tireless effort organized and hosted by YLD, which gathers thousands of toys to give to neglected, abused and orphaned children. No alcohol at that wonderful event.

Recently, the YLD helped host the National ABA Young

Lawyers Convention here in Denver. Okay, okay, there was alcohol. But only at night!

Hmmm, maybe booze is not the center of our universe after all. Sure, we drink occasionally. Once a month, to be exact, at our Barristers After Hours. In the end, I guess alcohol is really just an incentive to bring us all together to meet and make new friends and network. It is a small ingredient in the recipe of the Young Lawyers Division of the Denver Bar Association. We are in this profession for the long haul. And at the end of the day, once a month, it is wonderful

to be able to sit down with other Young Lawyers, tip a glass, and talk about our careers and our dreams and futures over a nice cold mug of beer.

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