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April 2003
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Maestro, if you please: Denver Attorney Mark Masters is the voice behind the marching Buffaloes

by Karen Bries

Most know that it’s Allen Cass who calls the plays during University of Colorado Boulder football games, but there’s another voice that might be familiar to attorneys.

Mark Masters, Denver estate planning attorney and CU alum, has been the band’s announcer at the football games since 1991. He announces the pre- and half-time shows.

It’s his job to get the crowd pumped up for the team and for the broadcast. He says, "Excited fans make great television, and that’s where I come in."

Besides getting the fans excited, Masters writes the scripts for some of the "theatrics" the band puts on. His most memorable performance was one after the year many CU and Colorado State University students were tear gassed at Mile High.

"The band played wearing something that looked like a gas mask, and Chip the buffalo, CU’s mascot, came out with a fire extinguisher that was supposed to look like tear gas. Everyone really thought it was funny."

In the booth, sometimes he gets "the call." The spotter, (the person in the booth who uses binoculars to see who made the play) calls in sick. Masters takes over and reports to Cass himself.

Masters also feels especially blessed to get to travel to bowl games to announce. His favorite games include the 1991 Orange Bowl and the 1996 and 1997 Holiday Bowls.

His announcing career goes back to days of working as an on-air talent at KUVO as Mark Douglas and at the now defunct KCFR as Mark Masters.

Even today, he will still "cut tape" for KRMA-Channel 6 when they need him to do voice–over promotions.

In addition to his on-air presence, Masters plays the clarinet and saxophone for the Denver Concert Band.

"Music has always been my psychotherapy," he says. "It’s completely absorbing and clears my mind of everything else. It’s communal in the sense you get to create something with other people that plays to basic human emotions."

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