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April 2004
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Thanks for Reaching Out

by Mark Fogg

Whack! I had a very curable testicular cancer in 1994, but the radiation treatment I had caused a high grade, aggressive sarcoma tumor in my stomach in early 2001. Where was this when I earlier read the table of contents on my life?

The sole tumor was removed, every three month scans started and I was told that if the cancer were to come back, it would probably be within three years. I made my sixth trip to M.D. Anderson in Houston last week and they told me that something else will get me some day, but not this.

Mark Fogg

What great support I got from my lawyer colleagues in Denver. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you. I’ll try.

Thanks to those of you who reached out to me in those first few weeks of isolation and confusion. It is a very hard telephone call or visit to make because we all feel uncomfortable without knowing what to say. It doesn’t matter what you say. The act of making the call or visit means everything.

Thanks for letting me quit. I always tried to be active in professional associations, but baseball, soccer and lacrosse took on an even greater importance. So many of you in charge of the professional organizations understood this and helped me purge my guilt for leaving.

Probably the hardest thing was to tell clients, companies and attorney referral sources I had to chill out for a few years. After almost 25 years stressing to develop and provide service to clients, I had to not only stop, but reverse the process. I’m up and running again and all of you are still there.

Thanks to my firm, especially Frank Kennedy, for giving me time to deal with this. Frank stepped in as acting president of the firm without pause and supported me in reassuming this role just as soon as I was able. This confidence sustained me for the next three years.

Finally, I am most appreciative of you prior tenacious, legal adversaries for your support and for reminding me that, friend or legal foe, we are all riding the same train and that professionalism and human compassion should always cross the adversarial lines in our work. Thanks to all of you for reaching out.

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