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March 2003
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Prez Says DBA Going Gangbusters: Programs’ attendance up; satisfaction high

by Liz Starrs
DBA President

In January, I asked for your comments on how we’re doing, whether we’ve accomplished our goals (as stated in our "Vision 2001"), and whether we should re-examine them.

Your silence spoke volumes: We must be doing very well. To begin with, we have the best staff in the nation. My travels around the country for various bar meetings only confirms this. Not only are they intelligent and organized, they possess that rare combination of good judgment and humor.

Comparing what we’ve done in the past few years with Vision 2001, the Board of Trustees decided that, overall, we should get a "B." The DBA obviously took its marching orders seriously, and we continued to move in the right direction, modifying the specifics to adapt to our ever-changing environment.

Our committees have remained active as well. Reviewing a few recent examples: the Bench Bar Retreat was a resounding success; the Legal Fee Arbitration Committee routinely disposes of an incredible number of disputes effectively; the Legal Services Committee is busier than ever; the Community Action Network (f/k/a/ the Community Concerns Committee) held a School Supply Drive, Dessert Auction and a Disaster Response Team Training; and thanks to the ADR Committee, we have volunteer mediators in Denver almost every business day.

Through Tuesdays at the Bar, Coffee Talk and YLD Barristers After Hours, we have successfully brought members together for social contact and CLE. Everyone responded well to our invitation to get together for a hockey game (March 19—the Avalanche vs. the San Jose Sharks) . . . so much so that Mary Dilworth, our marketing director, quadrupled the number of tickets available! (Thanks Mary!)

All in all, I have to say that taking stock, assessing goals and planning for the future are essential, but when something works—like our 1999 Strategic Plan and Vision 2001—we should stick with it. In these uncertain times, our continued success, as a bar association and as lawyers, depends on our continued support of our profession and our community.

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