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November 2003
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Lawyers: ‘I’m Older Than Joe’

We’ve found two that are older. Let us know if we can interview you!

And the winner is . . . as far as we know . . . Carl A. Wyers, who retired last March from his law practice at age 92.

A former trial lawyer, who later did estate planning and probate, he often did medical malpractice cases, defending doctors and hospitals. He became a lawyer partly because his dad thought it would be a good career—and it was, he said. He still reveres lawyers like Sam Sherman, Pete Silverstein and his "old partner Harold Wagner."

A huge change in the legal practice, he said, was the introduction of women lawyers. "When I first started, there were no women in the court at all." He’s still not used to it. He believes lawyers are not as congenial as they were. "They press too hard for their clients." But he said he wouldn’t have chosen another profession.

Computers are something else he never got used to, although he did use e-mail at work.

He stayed with the law for as long as he did because "it got to be like putting on an old suit. I still had a lot of old clients and felt a duty of loyalty to them."

Julio Zamagni is 91, and the reason The Docket knows this is because he was quick to correct the Denver Post article that declared Joe Berenbaum as the oldest practicing lawyer—in Julio’s book, Joe, who is 87, is "much younger."

Julio goes to work most days at his private practice in Lakewood. He often leaves early to work-out at the gym, a leisurely activity for a man who paid his way through Marquette University Law School by working hard as a barber in Wisconsin.

Julio left the Midwest and headed to Denver in 1946 to open his private practice. For 20 years, he served as a Jefferson County prosecutor, and saw his fair share of high-profile cases.

It doesn’t sound like Julio has plans of retiring any time soon.

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