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November 2003
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Hick’s Ruby in the Rough

Through Rose- and Beer-Tinted Goggles

Because of a Docket member’s idea that we should review all of Mayor Hickenlooper’s bars this year, we felt confident we would get a good deal.

And, despite the fact there is no parking at the Red Room, Hickenlooper’s ruby in the rough, we paid our parking meter at 320 E. Colfax, and were pleasantly surprised.

Unlike previous bar reviews, the motivation behind The Docket’s latest bar review was not completely self-serving—this bar review doubled as an attempt to recruit new writers.

First thing’s first—the review. It is easy to see how the Red Room could creep up on a passer-by. It is wedged in between a store that sells Hollywood posters and another small, smoky bar (One of the newbies accidentally wandered in there and quickly left.). The Red Room’s only real calling card is the glinting metal announcing its name when entering.

Once inside, an extremely friendly wait staff greeted The Docket crew, and pointed out the nicely secluded, and not-too-smoky-on-a-Tuesday night upstairs area. The décor of the Red Room fit its namesake—a scarlet theme embodied the bar, with ’50s-style red booths.

The Red Room happy hour offered the best prices The Docket has encountered in a long while—every Monday through Friday, look for wine by the glass and well drinks for $3, and beers for only $2. While the wine and beer list is extensive, perhaps one of the most endearing things about the Red Room is its canned-beer offering—Old Milwaukee for a $1.50 ("It doesn’t get any better than this!").

Due to the nature of this particular Docket function (remember, we were hoping to entice possible new members with the lure of beer and food), appetizer platters had been pre-arranged. Chicken and beef satay, chicken quesadillas, hot wings and crudités were served up in classy fashion at a fairly low-cost. The appetizers went beyond typical taste, with fresh ingredients and tasty sauces.

As for the recruiting, it looks as though there may be a few fresh faces at the next Docket meeting, or at the very least, the next Docket bar review.

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