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January 2004
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For the New Year, I Resolve...

by Joe Dischinger
DBA President

1. Out of concern for the environment, when reading judicial opinions of Justice Scalia, I resolve not to smash my computer with a sledge hammer, set it on fire, and throw it out the window.

2. Instead of electronic filing, I will send all court filings by Pony Express (the original one, with horses) to ensure that they reach the judge more quickly.

3. I will try to avoid using the word honorificabilitudinitatibus so often.

4. During 2004, I resolve to figure out if there is any possible justification for the continuation of the electoral college after the invention of electricity.

5. I resolve not to criticize at least one elected official.

6. I resolve to go through my bookshelves and file drawers to discard the materials from CLE seminars I attended fifteen years ago, notes and documents about bar association committees I was on in 1997, and explanations of benefit plans at law firms to which I once belonged but which no longer exist.

7. I resolve to climb every 7,000-foot peak in Colorado.

8. I resolve to hone my advocacy skills by trying to persuade certain clients to scuba dive to the bottom of Grand Lake.

9. I resolve to solve the water crisis in Colorado.

10. I resolve to be grateful, and express my gratitude, for the thousands of attorneys in Colorado who collectively donate hundreds of thousands of hours every year to efforts such as pro bono representation, pro se clinics, court mediation, public education about democracy and the legal system, child and adult literacy, the Ethics Committee, mentoring, and other volunteer service.

Jarvis Wyatt and Joe at the Sam Cary Bar picnic in August. Joe, Jon Asher and Jon’s wife Shirley at the Yasui Banquet in April.
Joe and Justice Greg Hobbs at the Legal Services Committees Volunteer Appreciation Party. Jack Henderson and Joe at the Senior’s Roast for Garth Grissom in October.

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