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January 2004
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New Attorney Tries Novel Approach on Job Hunt

Sending straight-up resumes the old way lacks luster

What follows the above paragraph is five-page résumé, which looks like a filing.

The author, Matthew Toll, is about to graduate from Tulane Law School and hopes this new form of résumé will get him in the door of a law firm and more money in his pockets.

He says in the document that he is "VERY hungry right now." He added, "If my mother’s funeral was the day of a key deposition, I would do the eulogy via teleconference after the deposition."

His dedication doesn’t stop there. He says if his wedding was the same day as a trial, "the wedding would be postponed. If the wife to be did not like it, I would inform her that work comes before EVERYTHING ELSE and that if she does not like this, she is free to find a competing husband."

He also makes sure the firm knows he is a team player. "If a piece of evidence was accidentally dropped into the garbage, I would have no problem going to the local dump and spending days covered knee-deep in the worst foul-smelling sludge imaginable to search for the evidence."

The Docket’s favorite smut website,, has the complete document at

TheSmokingGun interviewed Toll:

"Toll said he was not embarrassed by the letter and had good relationships with his mother and girlfriend, though Mom ribbed him, ‘So, you’re not gonna come to my funeral?’ As word of his letter ricocheted through the legal community this week, Toll began receiving phone messages and e-mails offering criticism and job interviews. While Toll said the ‘vast majority’ of the feedback has been negative, ‘I don’t care if everybody hates me, I only have to get one job.’ "

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