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February 2004
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Thanks Attorneys!

Our thanks to all who volunteered their time to these Denver Bar Association programs! If you are interested in volunteering, contact Carolyn Ferber at (303) 824-5323 or e-mail

Veteran’s Stand Down Volunteers—November 6, 2003

Amy Costello, Jim Carr, Chuck Turner, Jeff Ruebel, Phil Theune, Jon Nicholls, David Maginsky, Patricia Leighton, Patricia Wells, Gail Rosenschein, Casey Funk, Don Jacobson, Kevin Kuhn and Bill Burns

LawLine 9—(October-December)

Don Jacobson, Brad Lam, Mac McManus, Karen Spaulding, Brad Shefrin, Jim Carr, John Licht, Steven Warden, Mark Masters, Bill Bromberg, Julio Zamagni, Lana Steven, Gretchen Eberhardt Olson, Sam Owen, John FitzGibbons, Tod Fitzke, Craig Eley, Laura Tighe, Joe Davies, Phil Theune, Bill Haring, Jessica Lee, Elsa Martinez Tenreiro, Dan Cohen, Lyle Boll, Gina Hardin, Ari Gould, Alice Mansfield, Bonnie Roberts, Karen Best, Bruce Berstein, Art Frazin, Heather Shore, Steven Shapiro, Cynthia Treadwell-Miller, Mary Jeffers, Sue Weiske

Pro Se Clinics (October-December)

Christine Nierenz, Marte Timmers, Kevin Massaro, Rob Wolf, Becky King, Charles Darrah, Jon Nicholls, Terry Ploski, Bob Montgomery

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