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March 2004
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Thanks Attorneys!

These volunteers gave their valuable assistance to help low-income Spanish speakers. (June 2003 through January 2004):


Andrew Bremner
Andrea Duron
Joe DiGregorio
James Wilder
Mark Willis
Cheryl Martinez de Gloria
Dawn McKnight
Lauren Saine
Matthew Ralston
Robert Dodd
Todd Fredrickson
Danielle Urban
Barbara Johnson

Elissa Deitch
Linda Lupakin
Tawni Cummings
Cynthia Weller
Mike Voss
Louisa Ritscik
Elaine Soltis
Jennifer Snyder
Tim McDonald
Joan Smith
Doug Stevens
Cynthis Scheule
Karen Knickerbocker


Jenny Schwem
Lorena Reyther
Allana Farley
Michael Dow
Jennie Vigil
Jennifer Martin
Peggy Kozal
Alberto Torres
Katy Walker

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